Gayle’s View on Texas

Brent has pretty much said it all on his post about our recent trip to Texas!!!! I had some thoughts of my own to add from a “girly” standpoint.

There was an abundance of all things I love the most….

heavy linens in all forms–from small pieces to whole bolts
grain sacks
homespun cloths
tea towels, tablecloths, sheets, pillow shams (all beautifully laundered, starched and ironed)
botanical prints–birds, bugs, plant forms
architectural fragments…..
painted, crackled furniture

but most of all…..

the repurposed jewelry…

my baubles!!!!!

Here in Oregon, there are many artisans creating jewelry fashioned from uncommon items, and I have certainly bought my share. In Texas, the jewelry seems to be a bit more outrageous. I settled on a pendant made from a silver plate spoon with the word “vintage” imprinted upon it. I purchased the chain link tiny purse (probably part of a lady’s chatalaine from long ago–see example below)

from Uncommon Objects. The tiny, very worn leather coin purse embellished with a cameo was found at the Marburger Show.
Mixed in with the jewelry I brought from Oregon, it made quite a statement for me.

The Junk Gypsy section was heaven for glitzy cowgirl wannabe’s and just plain eye candy. I could have purchased the pink awnings in the entrance right on the spot had they been for sale.

And wouldn’t we girls have fun on a road trip in this car?

This dealer is wearing a burlap skirt and heavy jewelry in 92 degree heat??????????

What a mixture of jewelry, cowhides, burlap bags, and more sold by a cowgirl wearing what appears to be a slip…

My favorite shop in Austin…..

Uncommon Objects–The name says it all–what a most wonderful collection of well..everything….and gives proof to those old maxim’s–
“One man’s treasure is another man’s trash” and of course “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. My purchase there was a corbel molded out of zinc.

Wonderful meals in Austin….Bess Bistro (owned by Sandra Bullock), Juan in a Million for breakfast tacos, and the best drink of all. The bloody Mary at the Congress Cafe after a long day of shopping. Maurine Audel, a friend and former employee at stars e-mailed us to try her favorite, the Eastside Cafe. We got right on that–the restaurant is in an old house and the vegetables and herbs served are all grown in the large garden behind the house. I was tickled to learn that the place was a favorite of the late LadyBird Johnson and Governor Ann Richards.

The Big Red Barn at Round Top featured 130 Americana dealers– a beautiful show for American Country furniture lovers– but pricey. We had a visit with Mary Emmerling who was there signing her new book, The Art of Turquoise. Mary and Brent compared bracelets on their wrists (Brent had more). Luckily Darwin had bought two early samplers at the Clutter show as the samplers at Red Barn were much more costly.

My mind is whirling with all the sights from this trip. One thing for sure however–Prices are much better here in Oregon. I bought a fabulous birdhouse at Stars and Splendid yesterday!!!!

Signing off with a thank you to Darwin and Brent–the best junking companions ever!!!!