A Day at the Beach

Sunshine and record temperatures have been the norm this Spring. The soaring heat has made the rain most welcome for many of us. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too prepare for our Annual Birthday Sale June 9-12 as well as the start of summer with great finds to take us away to the oceanside without ever leaving home!



The ocean is calling to us with the roar of the waves; beckoning us to walk barefoot in the sand.



Shells are all around us if we know where to look. Large conch shells, garlands and starfish, and even treasure boxes and decorative frames bring Nature into our homes. Blue Ball canning jars and Fiestaware in shades of teal and green compliment these treasures.






Don a wetsuit and try skim boarding or get out past the whitewater and hang ten! Hunt throughout the stores for your favorite Hawaiian shirt; several vendors are featuring them in a wide range of sizes, prints, and fabrics.




Fresh seafood doesn’t get any better than at the Oregon coast; stop in at your favorite spot or pop your head into a new location and try out the fare.


Relax and unwind, you deserve a break. The clean air and rhythmic tide are perfect for a nap on the beach.






As the day comes to a close serve up a cool refreshment in vintage glassware and team it with a platter of colorful exotic fruits. A day at the beach doesn’t get any better whether actually there or simply reminiscing! Join us for all your shopping needs daily from 11-6. We’re spilling out onto the sidewalk with additional items on the weekends. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.



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Memorial Day Campout

The end of May is in sight, school is finishing up and summer is on the horizon. Memorial Day is Monday, May 25, and marks the beginning of camping at the many National Parks across the country or even in your own backyard. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too are bringing out the gear for the perfect trip to the wooded forest!


Be prepared! The training from our youth as we earned our proudly displayed badges still reflect the common sense needed for a successful journey.


Hunting for nature’s treasures, outdoor grilling and barbecue, and singing songs in the evening are a necessity.


Setting up camp, cooking basics, and open campfires will create the comforts of “home away from home” and bring everyone together in activities.


Grab your beverage of choice and plenty of cups.



Grind up coffee and place in a colorful airtight tin for the best cup-o-joe. A handy double thermos carrier allows for fresh coffee as you drive to your destination.



Stop by a local farmer’s market on your way out of town for the best selection and pack plenty of stacking bowls for the outdoors. Fresh fruit is in abundance!



Don’t forget the picnic basket filled with snacks and lunch for the day of the hike.


A good hat with a large brim is essential for sun protection and also allows a good lakeside snooze when it looks like you’re fishing!



Pack your easy-care wardrobe in a bold patterned woven basket. Then you are ready to pack the camping gear!


Pull out the coolers, thermos, and lantern from storage. Classic vintage colors and plaid patterns never grow old to the nature lover. Built to stand up over time, many of these designs have been handed down through the generations.




Folding lawn chairs and stools are perfect for packing convenience and shed the moisture of rain and morning dew!



It’s ideal to arrive in time to set up camp during the daylight. Enjoy a day of fresh mountain air, cool streams, and hikes to wildflower fields. Kick back by a fire as dusk settles in and listen to the sounds of the wilderness. If you’re in a large group pack some games to play and the campfire songbook for reminiscing the good old days before technology advanced to iPads and smart phones.





Wake up early with the sun breaking through the trees, grab the frying pans, oil, and get ready for bacon sizzling and eggs frying on a cast iron grill. Brew up the best cup of coffee over an open flame in an old percolater!!



Remember to let the gear air out once home, pre-pack the supplies you traveled with for the remainder of camping season!


Blaze a trail to the Stars stores any day of the week for the start of your camping day collections. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone, let the outdoor adventures begin!

Open daily from 11AM to 6PM. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS!

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I was browsing through the Style section of the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, and I was STARSTRUCK by a full page ad for Ralph Lauren’s new Spring 2011 Collection looks (which I am describing as Urbane Cowboy).

Feminine cowgirl--lace and leather...

I have loved Ralph Lauren’s Western fashions from the very first time I set eyes on them years ago. Ralph loves “Western” too and uses elements of cowboy style often in his collections.

Along with many other antique collectors, I have found that you can create the “look” by using the original elements of his designs. For instance, buying a concho belt seems to be a must whether worn with denim or gold lame’. Years ago, I bought an antique concho belt from a southwestern dealer at the Palmer/Wirfs Antique Show. I paid the earth for it, but have worn it for many years and could sell it now and get back my money’s worth. A reproduction belt would work just fine too.

Another item, Ralph is using this year is lace–either scarves, blouses, dresses or skirts. I have acquired all sorts of laces in my collecting journey–much from a wonderful shop in Salem called… and Old Lace, owned by Elizabeth Southwell. The shop is no longer there but Elizabeth converted many of us to wearing beautiful laces. I have bought laces also at Stars, estate sales, flea markets, and antique shops.

Urbane cowboy - lace skirt with concho belt.

Ralph also uses lace as an embellishment on clothing as seen on the jacket below….

Ralph's Lace embellished Jacket

You can check out the entire 2011 Western collection HERE on Style.com!

All this got me thinking about all the vintage accessories I have accumulated over the years….so I rummaged through my closets and put together the following outfits:

A lace skirt I had sewn from either curtain or tablecloth fabric bought years ago at an antique show.

Lace Skirt - Denim blouse with lace skirt and concho belt

An embellished linen jacket that I had trimmed with antique lace. This was done for me years ago by my friend and expert seamstress, Celia Mason.

20 Year old Jacket - Linen Jeans jacket embellished with handmade lace

A straw hat trimmed with velvet, old silk roses, lace scarves, belt, and 1990’s Victorian cotton dress…

20 year old lace dress with lacy accessories

I have worn all these garments over the years at different antique shows and parties. I have discovered that antique collectors, in general, have a good time using vintage items to create their own style–it goes hand in hand after all, and of course it is fun!!!!

Here are my choices for elements of Ralph Lauren’s Urbane Cowboy look:

Leather–belts, boots, shoes, purse, jackets

Denim–shirts, pants, skirts, jackets,

Silver jewelry–beads, turquoise

Lace (no polyester please!!!)–cotton or silk–handdone would be wonderful

White cotton shirts, skirts, blouses, dress (%100 per cent please).

(*Note: Ralph says no cowboy hats–too gimmicky)

It’s nice to know these things are in fashion again, but of course, that really doesn’t matter to me–because I think personal style is timeless.

Signing off with no cowboy hat off to Ralph!!!

Stars Antiques

What More Needs to Be Said

one of my favorite things to do

I came across these wonderful letters in a shopping trip to Seattle recently. Supposedly they are french shop letters but I don’t really care about that. They are just my perfect mantra. These letters currently reside over our mantle. They might move to Stars when the time is right but I love living with them. That is why vintage rocks!!!

Mother/Daughter Talent

If you have been a regular customer of the Stars Antique Malls over the years, you are familiar with the space of Marcee Melton. Marcee’s business name is Camp Hollyhock, and she designs and creates clothing mostly out of recycled fabric. She also fashions all manner of things from paper. You may have seen her large paper snowflakes and burlap and paper Christmas trees as holiday decorations for the Stars stores. I have been a great fan and a delighted buyer of Marcee’s creations.

Daybed with pillows

I took the photograph above in Marcee’s space a couple of weeks ago and was enchanted with the sprigs with paper blossoms for sale in her booth. (I am Totally into items made from vintage paper!). When I was extolling my delight with the the flowers to Brent, he said “Well then you need to talk to Marcee about the paper dress her daughter made.”

a sprig of paper flowers

I went to visit Marcee at the Unique Antique Too store where she works on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. She told me the story.

Marcee Melton

Her daughter, Kaitlyn, is a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is in the Visual Presentation and Display program. (for all of us who like to decorate and create a look, wouldn’t that be the most fun?????) Kaitlyn created a dress from paper flowers (yes, the same as the one in Marcee’s space), and the dress was displayed in the window of Saks Fifth Avenue.

As seen in Sak's Fifth Avenue Window--NYC

I think it is to Kaitlyn’s benefit that she grew up watching her mother design and create for years. Marcee’s dresses sell at Stars at a moderate price ( jacket pictured below is $39), but when she ships them off to boutiques all over the USA, they can be sold for a much higher price. The jacket below would sell in New York for $169.

Closeup of Dress

Marcee is dealer #53 at Stars, and her items can also be found at Unique Antique Too at 8315 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, which is owned by Pat Jaffuel, former dealer at Stars.

Close up of flowers
Prices of paper flowers

It has been fun for me to hear all about Marcee’s marketing of her goods, and now it will be even more fun to hear about the adventures of she and Kaitlyn and their next projects. And I do check out her space (#53) every time I go to Stars….

Signing off with admiration of the second generation….

Stars Antiques

Pillow Obsession

I am a firm believer in the motto “one can never have too much of a good thing”. That is especially true when it comes to vintage or as we in the trade affectionately call “junk”. The more the merrier I say. Of course I love looking at those spare living spaces. They look so good in the shelter magazines, but can I live that way? NO. I love things too much.

Which brings me to my obsession with pillows. A couch without pillows is like a tree without leaves. Naked. Uninviting. Just plain boring. I need pillows. Is it a nesting instinct? I would prefer to call it my obsession.

This photo is of our couch upstairs in the room where we watch television. It has hosted many a collection of pillows over the years but now it has this wonderful array of barkcloth floral print pillows. I was introduced to vintage fabric years ago by my friend Gayle. She always said that you need to throw in some good vintage fabric to soften a room. How did she get so smart?

So we have a lot of softening going on with these pillow on the couch. Many of these pillows were purchased at Stars. That should come as no surprise. But the newest members to this tribe came from our shopping trip to Southern California over the Christmas holiday. When you find a vintage fabric pillow for less than $10, you had better grab it. I did.

I think that the fabric in many of my pillows had a previous life as drapes. I purchased each of these pillows already made so I didn’t sacrifice lovely vintage drapery to make my pillows. Someone else did. Or I would like to think they used a scrap here and a scrap there.

My pillow collection is perfectly happy on this couch right now but things tend to move around quite a bit in our household. So you might see these pillows again but in a new spot. Obsessions are like that.

Stars Antiques

January Musings…..

What I like about January despite the cold, the wind, the rain, the fog, and the gray days……

I like the idea of nestling in and making my home winter cozy….

I bring out my quilts and crocheted throws and put them on chairs, sofas, and beds….

Antique patchwork quilt, barkcloth and needlepoint pillows, vintage gardening book

I force bulbs and bring in plants from outdoors to add to my indoor plants…

I make terrariums and tiny “indoor gardens”.

Thin wire arbor purchased at Stars from dealer #15. Bird carved by Oregon Folk Artist, Carl Buchholz

I build fires in the fireplace and put stacks of books–fiction, nonfiction, decorating books, gardening books, seed catalogs, and shelter magazines nearby and easy at hand for me to browse through.

books to thumb through

I watch old movies.

I make lists of things I want to get done in the winter… (take a booth at Stars for sure!!)

I cover my white sofas with old pieces of linen so my cats can snooze on them…

simon relaxing

I splurge on a small bouquet of flowers and mix them with greens from outside.

Tiger lilies
Mixed bouquet from Trader Joe's (around $5.99) mixed with greens from my garden

I leave out my holiday decorations that pertain to winter. I have a collection of snow landscapes for instance. These are all put away about the first of February. I treasure my handmade items purchased at The Magic of Christmas and other holiday venues. Some of my favorites are the snow dollies made by Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse.

Snow maiden with Lamb - created by Christine Crocker

I plan get-togethers with friends and family. all I need is a raincoat and umbrella. After all, I am a true Oregonian!!!!

Signing off (and the sun is shining right now!!!!)

Stars Antiques

Birds, birds, birds…

We’ve got a lot of great bird items at Stars Antiques!

Here is a lovely folk art painted box from Sweden. Dealer #85 has it priced at $18.

What is it about color that makes us happy? We saw this pillow in Dealer #24’s space and we smiled. Love the texture. Love the colors and love the price, $25.

What a way to store your cookies. Take this bird cookie jar home today. From Dealer #153 and priced at $135.

Stars Antiques

Gayle’s View: Christmas–Early American Style

The occasion: A holiday luncheon hosted by Dianne Muyskens and Carol Kelly

The setting: The home of Carol and Jack Kelly

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year long.” –Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol by Dickens

The quote from Tiny Tim is one of my favorites. I bought a rubber stamp years ago to stamp the saying on the envelopes of my holiday cards.

My heartstrings were tugged when I saw the small early primitive crutch tilted against Carol Kelly’s inviting front door. “Oh,” I thought, “Tiny Tim is here.”

Carol and Dianne are known for their gourmet cooking and creative entertaining……

On the left, Dianne, then Carol….

Carol has been a longtime collector (and at one time an antique dealer in partnership with Darwin Otto in their shop called ETC. on Sellwood Row) and her interest is in early Americana and folk art. Put this decor together with Christmas greens and it is most welcoming.

On the mantel are pewter candlesticks and a footed pewter dish containing berries, greens, pomegranates, cranberries and apples below a framed print of old-time Santas.

A mixture of antique Christmas ornaments and sentimental objects fill the tree……

Evidence of early American antiques are all over Carol’s house:

An early primitive portrait of three young girls…

A wall of antique mirrors…

A hooked rug of a deer created by Carol in the early manner…

A bottlebrush tree by early deer figures…

A tiny tree in a window with collectible ornaments…

Carol’s antiques have been purchased over a period of time. Some resources are: Stars Antiques Malls, Palmer/Wirfs Antique Shows, Brimfield Antique Market, Maine Antique Digest, Ebay and reputable antique shops all over the country.

Signing off and thanking Carol and Dianne for a lovely December afternoon.

Stars Antiques

Photos courtesy of Dianne Muyskens

Gayle’s View: Julie’s Holiday Party

A trip into Christmas Wonderland…..

I’m sharing some photos taken at a luncheon hosted by the multi-talented Julie Stabler. Julie decorates in a big way for Christmas–her way of sharing for her family and friends. Every surface is practically covered with holiday accessories or memorabilia. There is at least one tree in every room.

With her color-palette of pastel pink and green, there is a “Wonderland” effect. She has mixed in vintage items with reproductions, and included some of her own handmade ornaments.

Julie is a relaxed hostess– preparing the salad as she visits with us. (Do you see in her a resemblance to Bette Midler? I do.)

Our lunch was a work of art…who could resist a wonderful salad along with dear little tea sandwiches tied with green onion “strings”. ( Note the pink glass hobnail tumbler)

Visiting is fun, but so is checking everything out….

Pictured below a custom made hutch (built by Julie herself–for more info on this check out my blog titled “Pretty in Pink”) holds all manner of Jadite artfully arranged.

A magical tree for Julie’s grandaughter’s room…..

Checking it all out……

Lunch is on……..

One more tree for the road…..

and one more Santa for good measure…

Another ladies’ holiday get-together comes to a close. I love Julie’s beautiful decorations. Colorful hobnail glassware, Jadeite and vintage Holiday decorations are fun things to look for at Stars Antiques Malls. There is no end to the many unique ways to combine different vintage pieces to make a tabletop sing.

Signing off with dreams of pastel sugarplums…….

Stars Antiques