Come in from the Cold and Haggle!


Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have exciting new ideas for making your home and workplace warm and inviting as we prepare for our infamous Stars Haggle Sale which started Friday, January 13 and has been extended through Sunday, January 22 due to the blanket of snow we received. We’ve had our share of cold winter storms, snow and ice! Now we get to take a break from the chilly outdoors and get inside all three Stars shops where it’s always warm and inviting!


Feed the dog.


Enjoy fresh fruit for breakfast.


Grab your coat from the wall rack.


Be the early bird when we open our doors at 11AM!


Welcome to the shopping frenzy. Our stores are full as we begin our year with new furnishings, finds, and fun stuff.





Collect what you love and create displays that feature the pieces to all who enter your home. If it makes you smile, buy it.








Architectural finds come in repurposed industrial lighting, porch supports, a set of wonderful wooden chairs, and fabulous details in cupboards and cabinetry.






Pastoral scenes will give you peace of mind as you shop this 10 day sale.


New items brought in every day to replenish spaces will have you telling your friends and returning daily! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.


Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Scary Selections at Stars

Halloween is a favorite holiday for Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too. Every year, all three shops welcome Halloween with open arms and rattling bones! Scary selections and decor to die for are always the theme as we move closer to October 31.



Illusions are everywhere. What looks like a simple blanket could be an eerie sunrise. A paper dress may take you on a psychedelic journey of op art. Keep your eyes open as mischief lurks and is likely to play mayhem with the ordinary everyday items found at the stores.




A ghastly gamble, throw the dice to see where they land and enter at your own risk as you shop for decoration ideas.


The shrill cries of the crow rattle even the most steadfast shopper.



Move slowly and make lots of noise! Expect the unexpected at every turn.




Danger and the dreaded black cats will surely cross your path. Fill your basket quickly and keep moving through the aisles. Keep your wits about you and most importantly, remember to breathe.



Evil lurks and lingers; sinister faces peer out from behind glass and quietly stare from tabletops as you make your way to the registers. Your pace quickens as you wonder how much more your heart can take.




Witches green with envy peer about with wicked thoughts while ghosts and goblins slink and slither with plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Timing is everything; the earlier in the day, the better the selection.




Best to get out now and shop while there is daylight!! Have a swig of potion to gather up the nerves! Open from 11AM to 6PM daily, you just never know what you may stumble across for your everyday needs and Halloween decor! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS!

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Perfect Summer Day

This summer has been a surprise with record temperatures. Although we have seen a recent cooling period, the local weather folks say we’re headed back to warmer days. Here are some great ideas from Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too to consider while you SHOP OUR AIR-CONDITIONED STORES!!

You know it’s time to get out of the house when even the animals are looking hot and sluggish.


Grab a colorful woven tote.


Glance at the sunlight as it casts color and patterns on the wall behind you as you step out.


Enjoy the blue sky and the fragrance of the flowers as you leave your cares behind.


Grab some light fare from one of the many fabulous eateries in the area.


Ice cream is essential. Always.


Search out unique outdoor furniture, there are great selections of vintage motel chairs.


Metal bistro and patio sets have been salvaged and up-cycled.


Don’t forget to grab the outdoor lanterns for when the sun goes down!


Our dealers have a number of fun items for the garden, including the classic, collectible watering cans.


Vegetables, fruits, and flowers are fresh and ready to bring inside and hang, rather than rinse and prepare!



Water elements for the yard and garden are in abundance; from contemporary birdbaths to antique wash tubs for children!



Mountain streams and ocean shores beckon us when the mercury rises! Find a cool spot to fish.



Search for shells in the sand.


Fly a kite.


Feel the sand and water rush between your toes as you step into liquid.


On returning home, create a new mixed drink concoction.


Serve over ice in polkadot patterned vintage tumblers.


Throw an old quilt out on the lawn (or barkcloth) for casual seating.



Call the gang over for an impromptu evening gathering.


Bullseye! You’ve hit the mark on a perfect summer day. Open everyday for your shopping pleasure from 11-6pm. Create memorable moments with found items as you step into our shops from your stroll in the Westmoreland neighborhood. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS!


Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Meet the Dealer: Vintage Rust at Splendid!

Today we’re talking with Doug Nakanishi, one of the dealers behind Splendid space #52. He and his wife, Connie, are the duo who run Vintage Rust–one of the Stars Antiques family’s newer spaces. They do a wonderful job finding industrial pieces, signage, salvage, vintage souvenirs, furniture and a lot more. Come down to the shop and check them out!

Here is a fun Q&A we had with Doug:

How did you get into vintage?
I was born and raised in Chicago and I was always into collecting vintage things when I was growing up. At a very young age I collected stickers, beer cans and as I grew up I collected vintage clothing, used albums and even worked for a used book store that sold antiques, too.

How long have you been a dealer? Do you work alone?
In the 1980s, I was a picker in Chicago. I went to the University of Iowa and I used to go to farm auctions before Ebay. I would bring treasures back and sell them to collectors, dealers, photographers, and designers. I was a professional photographer in Chicago and I used junking to supplement my income. In the 1990s I took a corporate job, but I realized that I didn’t enjoy the corporate path, so I returned to my true love with was hunting for treasures. I have been a picker my whole life!

What would you say your specialty as a dealer is?
My specialty is reclaimed treasures from the past. Therefore, the company name is Vintage Rust. I enjoy industrial, farm primitive, and americana past treasures. American history such as the machinist era, and pieces that bring back America’s past is what I love.

What is your dream vintage score?
My dream vintage scores are pieces with stories from where they came from. For example, a “game of chance wheel” that came from a old carnival or a industrial piece that came from an old garage in Chicago, etc. Treasures with stories.

Do you collect some specific things for your own home?
I am not a collector. I know that’s rare in this business, but I try not to get attached to physical objects. I enjoy them for a while and then I sell them.

Any vintage shopping tips?
My vintage shopping tip is only buy what you love! Never buy things because you think you can make a buck.

How do you like to unwind?
I unwind with my wife and 2 Golden Retriever dogs. Fly fishing, traveling on the road for stuff and eating at great places.

What are some of your favorites place to eat, visit or shop in Portland?
I love Portland. I have so many favorite places to eat. I am a foodie at heart. I love Toro Bravo, Screen Door, Pok Pok and Podnah’s Pit. My favorite place to shop is Stars & Spendid and Monticello antiques malls.

What is your perfect winter day?
My perfect winter day is fly fishing with my wife in one of Oregon’s rivers for Winter Steelhead and then, if the fish aren’t biting, finding some farmer who has stuff to sell!

Thanks, Doug & Connie!

Stop by Splendid to see dealer #52, VINTAGE RUST!

What’s Right Around the Corner?

Here’s a hint…

Yep–it’s true. The early bunny gets the best decorations. See you soon!



Meet the Dealer: Orient Express Antiques!

Today we’re spending some time with Michael Burns, Stars & Splendid dealer #44. His business is called Orient Express Antiques and he’s been in the Stars family for nearly 5 years. His specialty is Asian and eclectic antiques and he’s been a dealer for more than 25 years. Stop by and visit his wonderful space and check out some of his current amazing pieces online HERE.


How did you get into vintage?
Just started collecting miscellaneous stuff of no consequence until I saw a friend’s collection that really hit me and then we started collecting in earnest.

Do you collect some specific things for your own home?
Yes, Asian items mainly, but also eclectic items.

What is your favorite era?
18th & 19th century.

What is your dream vintage score?
Finding the unusual Asian pieces that no one else has.

What is the vintage score that got away?
Well, if you snooze you lose when you see something and it happened to me with a pair of very unusual vases, which I have always regretted not buying at the time.

Any vintage shopping tips?
Be very careful!

What is your favorite place to eat in Portland?
We don’t go out to restaurants much to eat, so it would be hard to say but we do like to eat at the University Club.

What non-vintage shops do you frequent?
We check out a lot of the consignment shops, as you never know what might be there. Although the picking are slim these days.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Since we are retired, anything we want to! We like to garden, entertain and go to movies.

How do you unwind?
Gardening and reading.

Have any fun trips planned?
Yes, several this year: Georgia, San Francisco, Palm Springs and who knows what else.

Do you find inspiration in any movies, TV shows, music, theater, arts, sports, recreation etc?
We enjoy adventure, sci-fi movies and some comedies.

Thanks, Michael!

Meet the Dealer: You’ve Been Pinked!

This week we’re talking to Devanda! She is 1/2 of the best friend duo behind Stars and Splendid space #6, You’ve Been Pinked. I must say their booth looks like a dreamy valentine right now! So many sweet things to bring back to your nest. Devanda and Pam have a lot of fun finding new treasures to bring to the booth. This is their first romp of selling vintage and they’ve been with us for almost two years now (time flies!!). Maybe you will find that special something you have been looking for–they bring in new items on a weekly basis.


What would you say your specialty is?
Furniture from the 20s and 30s. We stock our booth with things that we would have in our own homes. Romantic homes style things.

How did you get into vintage?
We have always loved it and have been collecting forever

Do you collect some specific things for your own home?
Toleware and anything pink (of course!). So many different interests. Hard to list them all!

What is your favorite era?
Pam’s is the 30s—50s and mine is… probably about the same!

What is your dream vintage score?
Oh there are so many…

What is the vintage score that got away?
Can’t really think of any right now. We don’t really worry about the ones that got away—just always on the hunt for more treasures.

Any vintage shopping tips?
Just have to keep at it and have some luck!

What is your favorite place to eat in Portland?
Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen

Do you find inspiration in any movies, TV shows, music, theater, arts, sports, etc?
Love watching old 30s and 40s movies… love the houses, furniture… all of it!

What non-vintage shops do you frequent?
Target and home goods stores.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Pam loves to read and I love to decorate and read all the decorating magazines.

How do you unwind?
I unwind with my magazines.

Stop by Splendid and see You’ve Been Pinked!


BOO! Spooky Stars + Monster March!

Not only are we having a “monster” sale this weekend (Sat 11-6 & Sun 12-6 both shops) at Stars, but Sunday 10/30 at 3pm, the 11th Annual Sellwood-Moreland Monster March Halloween parade will kick off! You can even snap up a great Monster March t-shirts (of all sizes) and totes online–Sellwood artist, Gary Hirsch, created this year’s fantastic design. To make it more fun and festive neighborhood biz, Sweet Pea’s, will be handing out balloons again this year!

The Sellwood-Moreland Monster March was created by Kathy Diamond and Lynn Van Horn (with a lot of help from Liz Cerabino-Hess, the former, former owner of Haggis McBaggis!) and is sponsored by the Sellwood-Westmoreland Business Association. The parade will start at Llewellyn Elementary (6301 SE 14th Ave) school at 3pm on Sunday, October 30th, and be lead, as it has since the beginning, by our local fire engine! You can view the route here.

The march has always been about community, with a special emphasis on our schools. True to Kathy Diamond’s original vision and any profits made by the sale of the official Hirsch-designed T-shirts (buy here!), or other merchandise, will be given to the foundations of our neighborhood schools: Llewellyn Elementary, Duniway Elementary and Sellwood Middle. Please feel encouraged to support these foundations by giving at! HAVE FUN!

Here are some TERRIFYING photos from Stars to help get you in the spirit…

Not really spooky, but very pretty and Halloween-y!

The Gorey Details

Two of our display cases that are spooky 365 days a year are from Stars & Splendid dealer #50, Julia Koerth. Julia runs “Gorey Details” and provides our customers with wonderful ink stamps of all sorts to decorate your party invites and letters to friends or have as party favors and prizes. Of course the stamp case is well-stocked right now with bats, pumpkins, and all else spooky! Julia’s second display case has creepy lenticular portraits, moody toys and ephemera, and lots of great spooky jewelry.

Stop down for Halloween fun! Here are some photos of Julia’s cases:

Meet the Dealer: Darwin from Stars!

Today on Meet the Dealer, we have another one of the founders and owners of Stars. Meet Darwin Otto—also known as dealer #99 at Stars! Darwin has been at Stars since day one—21 years ago. He has been dealing in vintage for 40 years and used to own a shop for many years called ETC. Darwin says that while his specialty is “fun junk”, his heart still belongs to “primitive country”!

“I unwind by sitting down in the evening with a nice Manhattan.”
–Darwin Otto, Stars owner and dealer #99 on how he likes to relax

Make sure to check out his space at Stars Antiques–#99! It’s always full of fantastic loot and often you can find like objects and groupings to start your own instant collection!


How did you get into vintage?
My grandmother liked vintage. I think it is probably a genetic thing. Taught school for years but always like to antique.

Do you collect some specific things for your own home?
We have primitive painted country furniture pieces in Portland and mid-century modern at our condo in Palm Springs.

What is your favorite era?
I’d say the 1800’s.

What is your dream vintage score?
Not just one score—I want it all!

What is the vintage score that got away?
I sold a fabulous country painted cupboard to Gayle Tweed many years ago. I kicked myself for letting it go. But now I own it again! She always knew that I wanted it back if she was going to sell it eventually. So, thankfully, things do come back around!

Any vintage shopping tips?
Buy the things you like when you see them. If you wait—they will probably be gone when you come back.

Have any shop announcements?
Lots of new merchandise from my buying this summer. Actually, I need to get it out of the garage so the car can go back in!

What is your favorite place to eat in Portland?
I really like going to Chez Jose—I love their squash enchiladas!

What non-vintage shops do you frequent?
I usually shop at Anthropologie and West Elm.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Shop for vintage, of course! It is an obsession.

How do you unwind?
I unwind by sitting down in the evening with a nice Manhattan.

Are there other collectors in your household?
Just one. ME. That man I live with tries though…

Have any fun trips planned?
We’re going on a big trip to Eastern Europe. Really looking forward to it.

Do you find inspiration in any movies, TV shows, music, theater, arts, sports, recreation etc? What are you into right now?
Netflix is my life when it comes to entertainment. I’ve been watching The Good Wife and a BBC crime drama series called MI5 (it’s called “Spooks” in the UK). Such great TV! We also just saw an amazing play in NY called “Jerusalem”. The best thing I have seen on stage!

Thanks, Darwin!