Jewel of Our Eye

As we enter November our thoughts transition to gift giving for all the upcoming holidays. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have a vast array of gemstones and jewels perfect for those we love.


Grab a notepad and pencil and begin with a list of names that warrant such care and consideration. Shopping for pieces so personal takes time, thought, and sometimes a bit of imagination.


When thinking of the recipient, consider their style, wardrobe, and personality. Our stores offer vintage novelty brooches and pins that go beyond the hat or lapel.



Silver, platinum, and gold team up with rich gemstones in larger dramatic pieces as well as the classic birthstones in light, delicate designs.


Even the youth of today have a unique sense of who they are. A gift that compliments their personal expression and uniqueness is a great gift indeed.



Multiple bracelets and cuffs worn together (or alone) are fun, inventive, and allow a myriad of combinations based on mood or style of dress. Vintage rhinestone pins, brooches, and pendants cover all variety of designs. Even the glittery animals will all find their rightful homes this holiday.


Thinking about the man who has everything??



Symbols and designs are hand carved into bone and ivory and suspended from hand knotted cord; sharing the story and beliefs from other cultures. Great hand tooled leather belts carry a richness of history with bold turquoise and coral teamed with sterling silver. Check your list as either of these may be perfect for those connected to the sky, earth, and water.



Thinking outside the box, original designs in assemblage and beadwork may be used throughout the home, den, and man cave and don’t necessarily need to be worn as long as they are seen and appreciated.


Multiple strands of beads and pearls in reds, greens, and pearlescent whites create drama simply in display. Wear thickly at the neck or interweave within a french braid or chignon as gatherings and parties fill the calendar.


For the hustle bustle of those who crave the spirit of the season, nothing compares to another vintage collectible holiday pin. Affordable, colorful, and endless design choices make this a favorite for all ages! Use on a satin ribbon in place of a bow as you wrap gifts or pin inside a holiday greeting card!


For the gal who loves jewelry and has a clear sense of herself there are a number of one-of-a kind pieces and you’re sure to find a wonderful piece while shopping throughout our stores.



Decision making may be the most difficult task at hand. Sterling silver embellishments to be worn at the neck, ears, wrist, or in the hair make a statement all their own and team well with the proverbial little black dress.


For those who love nature; spirals on abalone, mother of pearl, cut shells, apple coral, and sterling silver sea life capture the passion of the outdoors and the ocean. However long your list may be, shopping will be less complicated and stressful and guaranteed fun as you enter through our doors! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

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The Fine Art of Giving

Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too encourage you to “Give Vintage This Holiday”. The selection of great gift ideas to embellish and adorn the wardrobe has never been better. Glass cases are overflowing with rhinestones, jewelry, beadwork, and both collectible and novelty items!

Rhinestones cover these exquisite brooches and pins in gold and silver. Place a bit of glitter and sophistication on a lapel, shawl, or a favorite hat or belt.



Gemstones, sterling, turquoise and more create the most intricate of designs in tray after tray of rings. No longer just for the finger, string favorites on a great chain with other special charms for a personalized gift to a dear friend.


Coral in strands and medallions beckon to the naturalist.


Search through novelty pins to find your ‘breed of choice’ and surprise the dog lover on your list. No worries, there are also friendly felines available as well.


For those on your list who love black in their wardrobe and understated pieces of jewelry, we’ve got you covered with matte finishes and monotone color stories.


Handcrafted sterling and turquoise rings, cuffs, bracelets and necklaces are in abundance as well.


For the discriminating collector, a palette of beads and fine basketry with a rich history.




Seashells are cut and polished, gemstones interspersed and the beach enthusiast is now crossed off the list!


For the world traveler, a blend of cloisonné and enameling with silk and satin cord and tassel will be of special interest.


For the friend who adores classic vintage there are sets (brooch and matching earrings) available and each piece comes with plenty of sparkle and shine.


On the fun and quirky spectrum check out the creative presentation of these vintage earrings!



Place a holiday pin on the gift package in place of a bow, or pin at the top of a stocking for an added bonus! From reindeer and evergreen trees to rhinestone bows and bells the selection is endless!



HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! Join us daily from 11AM to 6PM and check off all the gifts on your list as you GIVE VINTAGE THIS HOLIDAY! Special hours: We’re closed on Christmas Day and we are only open 11AM to 4PM on December 24th. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

I Do

If it’s summer it must be wedding time. The visits to the malls from prospective brides and grooms increases dramatically. Some are looking for unique items for their ceremony or to use at the reception. The adventurous brides to be maybe looking at vintage bridal gowns or a lovely vintage wedding ring. We have even had them put us down as a wedding gift idea for their guests.

My experience with weddings is usually just limited to eating the wedding cake. If I have to endure a wedding ceremony the cake had better be good. If the ceremony is short and sweet the quality of the cake is not quite as much a factor.

will they really be happy together?

With the news about New York legalizing same sex marriage, I began thinking about all of the items that we have sold over the years to brides and grooms for their special day. In the future it will not just be brides and grooms but grooms and grooms and brides and brides. That should make life interesting.

next time it is vegas

Just recently we sold an oversized letter B. It must have come off a commercial sign somewhere in the Portland area. We were using it for a display but when the bride to be just had to have it, we sold it. Frankly, we didn’t need any tears. She is going to use it for her reception that will be centered around a vintage airstream trailer. B is the first letter of her new name. Now that’s a wedding I would like to attend. I bet the cake will be delicious at that wedding.

always the bridesmaid never the bride

Last year, we sold a wedding gown designed by our dealer Julia #36 at Stars & Splendid. Julia creates amazing clothing using vintage fabrics. You never know what you will find in Julia’s booth space. I like Julia’s quirky sense of style. But back to the story. So this cute couple came in to shop. She immediately fell in love this wonderful wedding gown designed by Julia. You need to know that Julia’s clothing is not for the faint of heart. But on this willowy bride to be, the gown was stunning. She bought the gown, next day during our sale. This couple were not only cute but smart. We made her promise to send us wedding pictures and a piece of wedding cake. I’m still waiting for my cake.

the original bridezilla

The list goes on and on with all sorts of items that clever brides to be and their grooms to be have purchased to make their special day unique. But that’s why we all shop at Stars. No cookie cutter looks for us.

they now have 1000 great-great-great grandkids

So with my trusty iphone I decided to record some vintage wedding photos. Like all vintage photos they are a window to our past. No photos of cakes, not a one. I hope they all enjoyed their cakes. I would have.

Hats Off to the Royal Wedding

a bit over the top but you need to stand out in the crowd

Friday is the big day for William and Kate’s royal wedding. With all of the media a buzz over the nuptials, we thought it was only appropriate to go hat shopping at Stars. Here’s what we found. Let us know which one you would wear if you got an invitation to the wedding.

the veil of mystery look
can you wear red to a royal wedding?
the celebrity hat. no sunglasses necessary to hide behind
retro mod
flowers are a girl's best friend
pink poofy

We received our own invitation to a “Royal Wedding Reception in Honor of the Marriage between Prince William & Miss Catherine” at Sixpence Antiques in Lake Oswego. Not only are they serving champagne and wedding cake but we get 20% off storewide. Food and shopping deals, now that is our kind of wedding reception.

On Point

my next collection?
Every once in awhile something at the malls just stops me in my tracks. The beauty of objects is always fascinating to me. One our sales staff brought this collection of ballet slippers to my attention. Seeing all twenty plus pairs of these lovely shoes made my heart beat a bit faster. I immediately thought, “what can I do with all of these incredible shoes?” Where in the world are you going to come across this many ballet slippers in one place? Stars Antiques Mall of course. Silly me. I am still trying to figure out how to use this group of slippers. What would you do with them?

Gayle’s View: Christmas–Early American Style

The occasion: A holiday luncheon hosted by Dianne Muyskens and Carol Kelly

The setting: The home of Carol and Jack Kelly

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year long.” –Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol by Dickens

The quote from Tiny Tim is one of my favorites. I bought a rubber stamp years ago to stamp the saying on the envelopes of my holiday cards.

My heartstrings were tugged when I saw the small early primitive crutch tilted against Carol Kelly’s inviting front door. “Oh,” I thought, “Tiny Tim is here.”

Carol and Dianne are known for their gourmet cooking and creative entertaining……

On the left, Dianne, then Carol….

Carol has been a longtime collector (and at one time an antique dealer in partnership with Darwin Otto in their shop called ETC. on Sellwood Row) and her interest is in early Americana and folk art. Put this decor together with Christmas greens and it is most welcoming.

On the mantel are pewter candlesticks and a footed pewter dish containing berries, greens, pomegranates, cranberries and apples below a framed print of old-time Santas.

A mixture of antique Christmas ornaments and sentimental objects fill the tree……

Evidence of early American antiques are all over Carol’s house:

An early primitive portrait of three young girls…

A wall of antique mirrors…

A hooked rug of a deer created by Carol in the early manner…

A bottlebrush tree by early deer figures…

A tiny tree in a window with collectible ornaments…

Carol’s antiques have been purchased over a period of time. Some resources are: Stars Antiques Malls, Palmer/Wirfs Antique Shows, Brimfield Antique Market, Maine Antique Digest, Ebay and reputable antique shops all over the country.

Signing off and thanking Carol and Dianne for a lovely December afternoon.

Stars Antiques

Photos courtesy of Dianne Muyskens

Gayle’s View: Julie’s Holiday Party

A trip into Christmas Wonderland…..

I’m sharing some photos taken at a luncheon hosted by the multi-talented Julie Stabler. Julie decorates in a big way for Christmas–her way of sharing for her family and friends. Every surface is practically covered with holiday accessories or memorabilia. There is at least one tree in every room.

With her color-palette of pastel pink and green, there is a “Wonderland” effect. She has mixed in vintage items with reproductions, and included some of her own handmade ornaments.

Julie is a relaxed hostess– preparing the salad as she visits with us. (Do you see in her a resemblance to Bette Midler? I do.)

Our lunch was a work of art…who could resist a wonderful salad along with dear little tea sandwiches tied with green onion “strings”. ( Note the pink glass hobnail tumbler)

Visiting is fun, but so is checking everything out….

Pictured below a custom made hutch (built by Julie herself–for more info on this check out my blog titled “Pretty in Pink”) holds all manner of Jadite artfully arranged.

A magical tree for Julie’s grandaughter’s room…..

Checking it all out……

Lunch is on……..

One more tree for the road…..

and one more Santa for good measure…

Another ladies’ holiday get-together comes to a close. I love Julie’s beautiful decorations. Colorful hobnail glassware, Jadeite and vintage Holiday decorations are fun things to look for at Stars Antiques Malls. There is no end to the many unique ways to combine different vintage pieces to make a tabletop sing.

Signing off with dreams of pastel sugarplums…….

Stars Antiques

Vulcanite Friendship Hands

Look at this beautiful brooch from Erie Basin. It is a Victorian “vulcanite” friendship brooch from the late 1800’s. Vulcanite was a popular plastic because of its resembling jet, but for a lower price point. Just a beautiful representation of the era and material.

If you are looking for Vulcanite, Jet or Victoriana–let us know!

Gayle’s View: Marguerite in Westmoreland

BIJOU: something small and exquisite

Tucked away on S. E. Bybee Street in the Westmoreland shopping area (and 2 blocks away from the Stars Antiques malls) is a small shop imbued with a rare atmosphere. The name is simply “Marguerite” and it is the vision of its owner, our friend, Daisy Phillips.

I am not exactly a world traveler, but I would say that this shop would stand out in Paris, New York, and London–actually in any great metropolitan city. And here we have it in Portland, Oregon.

The shop is painted in tones of grays (with maybe a “beigy” tint) and Daisy has done wonders with architectural features, draping, moldings, and built-in display pieces. The floor is a wormy-pine laid in a chevron effect. Lighting is achieved with chandeliers.

There is a mixture of new giftware and English, French and Swedish antiques. One large open wall is filled with with French clay ware from Astier De Villatte in Paris. The beautiful cream-colored dishes are actually made from black terra cotta. These are highly desirable to the discerning shopper who can add to a collection from time to time. The shop has a bridal and gift registry and also offers gift certificates.

There is a timeless feel upon entering and this is enhanced by the wonderful scented soaps, candles, perfume and room sprays from Diptyque and Mathias Paris. I especially adore the varied selection of fabrics and linens in the form of towels, runners, tablecloths, pillows, and even fine cotton pajamas and robes.

There is pewter and hotel silver mixed in various displays–one whole section devoted to unusual barware, glass cases filled with precious antique “smalls”–even wonderful ruffled umbrellas.

I am always drawn to stationery and writing tools and in the photo below, you wil see an old desk jam-packed with cards, pens, journals, papers, greeting cards–even old French correspondence written in lovely copper-plate handwriting.

And then, there is the last “piece de resistance”–the wonderful powder room–the ultimate feminine space.

Right now the shop has an autumnal feel with sheaves of wheat and pheasant feathers about, but before long it will be decorated for Christmas.

I always leave the shop (or thinking in French, the Bijou) inspired and with my spirits lifted…..

signing off…..

Stars Antiques

Gayle’s View: Halloween Hi-jinks!


Yes, I’m a bit ahead of myself as it is not yet even October, but I couldn’t resist a bit of a head start. I have always loved Halloween–even years ago before it became a major marketing tool.

I am old enough to remember the days when we went through the neighborhood with our papier-mache pumpkins to collect the treats given at every door. I never had a store-bought costume. Sometimes I was a gypsy complete with jewelry, other times a princess–once I was Little Red Riding Hood with a hooded red cape bought by my mother at a rummage sale.

It’s fun to decorate for this holiday and I try to limit myself to either vintage or hand-crafted Halloween items–and of course, lots of real-live pumpkins, gourds and squash. Pictured below are some vintage items taken last year at Stars Antiques.

I have two movies which have my favorite Halloween scenes–the first is a segment in Meet Me in St. Louis with a very young Margaret O’Brien and the second is a scene in One True Thing with Meryl Streep. I don’t care for the horror movies–only the nostalgic ones.

The most fun of all is to see the little kiddies dress up and I always look forward to the Monster Mash, a parade held in West Moreland near the Stars malls. Is that a bald eagle below??????

Never one to sit back and let everyone else have the fun, I like to dress up still. As you can see in the photo below from left to right, me as an Americanized Susie Wong, next a distinguished guest, and sister Carol Ann, as a vamp-type lady. This photo was taken last year–still trying to think of what or who to be this year.

Signing off……

Stars Antiques