Big Bang

Here’s to Independence Day and a nice warm start to the summer! Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have everything you’ll need as you celebrate the three day weekend! To help out with all those last minute needs our doors are open from 11am-5pm on Monday, the 4th of July and regular hours (11am to 6pm) the rest of the week and weekend.





Our dealers have filled their booths with wonderful, patriotic vignettes of all things red, white, and blue. Come check out the outdoor chairs, pillows, and quilts!



We’ve got ‘stars and stripes’ tableware and plates to mix and match for a festive gathering.





With American flags of all sizes and vintage and contemporary holiday decor the Stars’ stores will make shopping and decorating a breeze.



Personalize your porch with hanging banners and miniature flags. Make swags at the doorways from vintage pot holders. Take patterned quilts and throw over the existing chairs on the porch or deck for a quick update; once the party starts place the quilts on the ground out back for informal seating of small groups as the fireworks start.







Think outside the box when it comes to utilizing these pieces. Jay Hill Paintings can be out on the back cedar fence for the day as a grand backdrop; centerpieces can be wooden spools, vintage games in the colors of the day, and even a mix of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!






Make the folks back home proud! Celebrate in style, give back to your community, and have a relaxing day with family and friends as you count your blessings and honor Old Glory .





Happy Fourth Everyone! Thanks for your continued patronage! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

A Good Scare at Stars Antiques!



The stores are getting a wee bit creepy as of late. Reports of things going bump in the night are becoming more prevalent. As we enter October, we begin the countdown to the now favorite holiday of the year, Halloween!





What started as a youthful parade of costumes going door-to-door in the neighborhood for a trick or treat (hopefully something sweet) has become an event for all ages. Cavorting in full costume camouflage is now the rage as the sun slowly sets and the celebrations tend to go until dawn for those of us able to stay up that long!!







From jarred body parts to spiderwebs that will snare you — one has to be very aware of their surroundings.




Be cautious as you turn down an aisle at Stars, Stars Too, and Stars and Splendid as there may be a horrifically bold blood curdling painting awaiting you.






It’s best by far to shop during daylight from 11:00AM to 6:00PM any given day of the week! To be locked in with all the freakish ghouls, goblins, and lost souls would surely be heart-stopping. Keep telling yourself there is nothing real, it’s all decor and you should make it out with great ghost stories to tell.


Less than thirty days and counting to come shop for the most frightening of Halloween decor and fabulous costumes available! The scariest stuff goes first, so take a deep breath and check your heart rate as you enter the stores. And shop without fear for your personal celebration of All Hallow’s Eve!

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

And find us on Stars on Facebook & Instagram @StarsPDX!

Splendid Winter Wonderland!

Here is a little glimpse of the winter wonderland that you’ll see when you come into Stars & Splendid. Darwin thought we should hang some more decorations from the ceiling, but we think it looks perfect as is!

Oh! Don’t forget to print out you trusty Stars discount coupons before heading down to the Stars malls!

Vintage Ornament Wreaths

When you come down to Stars–take a look at the amazing holiday wreaths that Mitzi (dealer #79) has put together repurposing vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations. These beauties are for sale AND there are a zillion beautiful vintage ornaments spread throughout both malls if you’re inspired to make your own!

Hello, Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Santa and his friends have been working overtime on cheer at both the Stars Antiques malls! Come down for vintage ornaments, cards, holiday decorations, table settings, linens, ribbon and lots of winter wonderland dazzle!

Here are some fun things we’re loving down at Stars & Splendid

Gayle’s View: Christmas–Early American Style

The occasion: A holiday luncheon hosted by Dianne Muyskens and Carol Kelly

The setting: The home of Carol and Jack Kelly

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year long.” –Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol by Dickens

The quote from Tiny Tim is one of my favorites. I bought a rubber stamp years ago to stamp the saying on the envelopes of my holiday cards.

My heartstrings were tugged when I saw the small early primitive crutch tilted against Carol Kelly’s inviting front door. “Oh,” I thought, “Tiny Tim is here.”

Carol and Dianne are known for their gourmet cooking and creative entertaining……

On the left, Dianne, then Carol….

Carol has been a longtime collector (and at one time an antique dealer in partnership with Darwin Otto in their shop called ETC. on Sellwood Row) and her interest is in early Americana and folk art. Put this decor together with Christmas greens and it is most welcoming.

On the mantel are pewter candlesticks and a footed pewter dish containing berries, greens, pomegranates, cranberries and apples below a framed print of old-time Santas.

A mixture of antique Christmas ornaments and sentimental objects fill the tree……

Evidence of early American antiques are all over Carol’s house:

An early primitive portrait of three young girls…

A wall of antique mirrors…

A hooked rug of a deer created by Carol in the early manner…

A bottlebrush tree by early deer figures…

A tiny tree in a window with collectible ornaments…

Carol’s antiques have been purchased over a period of time. Some resources are: Stars Antiques Malls, Palmer/Wirfs Antique Shows, Brimfield Antique Market, Maine Antique Digest, Ebay and reputable antique shops all over the country.

Signing off and thanking Carol and Dianne for a lovely December afternoon.

Stars Antiques

Photos courtesy of Dianne Muyskens

Gayle’s View: Julie’s Holiday Party

A trip into Christmas Wonderland…..

I’m sharing some photos taken at a luncheon hosted by the multi-talented Julie Stabler. Julie decorates in a big way for Christmas–her way of sharing for her family and friends. Every surface is practically covered with holiday accessories or memorabilia. There is at least one tree in every room.

With her color-palette of pastel pink and green, there is a “Wonderland” effect. She has mixed in vintage items with reproductions, and included some of her own handmade ornaments.

Julie is a relaxed hostess– preparing the salad as she visits with us. (Do you see in her a resemblance to Bette Midler? I do.)

Our lunch was a work of art…who could resist a wonderful salad along with dear little tea sandwiches tied with green onion “strings”. ( Note the pink glass hobnail tumbler)

Visiting is fun, but so is checking everything out….

Pictured below a custom made hutch (built by Julie herself–for more info on this check out my blog titled “Pretty in Pink”) holds all manner of Jadite artfully arranged.

A magical tree for Julie’s grandaughter’s room…..

Checking it all out……

Lunch is on……..

One more tree for the road…..

and one more Santa for good measure…

Another ladies’ holiday get-together comes to a close. I love Julie’s beautiful decorations. Colorful hobnail glassware, Jadeite and vintage Holiday decorations are fun things to look for at Stars Antiques Malls. There is no end to the many unique ways to combine different vintage pieces to make a tabletop sing.

Signing off with dreams of pastel sugarplums…….

Stars Antiques