Welcoming Spring to Stars




With small bursts of clear blue sky and golden sun peering through, buds and flowers give hope to rebirth. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have bouquets of brilliant color bursting open everywhere you turn.




Gather your seeds, sit outside and enjoy the birdsong, and get ready for the snowdrops, scilla, and hyacinth to line the path to your door!





From fabrics, vintage hats, enamel wall hangings, and bold paintings, floral motifs embellish all mediums. Whether you choose one or many, floral decor freshens up a room and creates a cheerful welcome.





Porcelain service, ceramics, Roseville pottery, and lattice patterned planters are ways to bring form, function, and florals into our home.



Fresh flowers and brilliant arrangements can be found in the front window displays just inside the doors at all three stores.





Enjoy the change of season; it is well deserved following a snow filled winter! Brighten up your day, surprise a good friend, send a lovely gift to an unsuspecting loved one!


Flowers in any form will always bring a smile. Stop in to smell the roses, our doors are open everyday from 11-6 to view the floral gardens of all things vintage. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

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Setting the Stage for Spring

Brisk clean breezes and bits of sunshine fill the house as we start opening doors and windows. Spring makes brief appearances and vanishes with the cold rains, but in the Pacific Northwest we’re already planning our gardens, gathering seeds, and turning the soil. Get a head start on new ideas at Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too. Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply enjoy the change in the season, our doors are open and we’re filling the shops with fresh air and fresh merchandise.

Early mornings bring songbird symphonies as our days get longer.


Bouquets are being gathered from the yard as snowdrops, crocuses, violets, and daffodils open and lift their heads towards the sky.


Colorful calicos cover this quilt and offer up warmth on a cool evening after a long and productive day outdoors.


Bright colors and deep shades of green in this granny square afghan are reminiscent of a well tended flower garden.


Pot decorations covered in buds, bees and bright flowers are a simple color boost to empty terracotta planters on the porch.


Gather your favorite seed catalogs and introduce a few new varieties in annuals and perennials.


Create a vignette of spring favorites to brighten a corner with similar colors in different mediums.


Change out the paintings in a room for a fast and easy update. Shopping for a new collection of vintage artwork can often be found for pennies on the dollar and allows for the thrill of the hunt.


Bring flowers inside that will never fade with these painted wooden boxes which create decorative storage. Stack mixed patterns for interest.


Aged and crackled porcelain pitchers could be the new focal point for the kitchen. Display on open shelves or on top of a cabinet; this tone on tone ivory features a wash of color across a glorious bird resting on a branch.


An early 1900’s postcard delights the eye as gardeners prepare for the first cuttings from their rose shrubs.


Pick up the pace and keep your heart healthy by taking walks in new neighborhoods and parks. Portland offers up a host of public gardens to explore and every week the view changes as the foliage grows.


Pack up the car and get out for an afternoon of exploring Sellwood and Westmoreland.


Take a drive in any direction and enjoy the farming communities, pastures, or mountainsides filled with animals.


Switch out the navy and black for bold prints and colors in outerwear.


Keep your head up and enjoy the beauty of the radiant sun.


Join us daily from 11AM to 6PM as we set the stage for spring! With every visit you’re sure to find something different as our dealers bring in new picks constantly! Mark your calendars and get additional savings Thursday through Monday, March 3 through 7 this week, as we celebrate with our Spring Stars On Sale event at all three stores! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

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Spring Forward

All this recent sunshine has forced bulbs to open, trees to bloom, and flowers to lift their heads and the same is true of the new items coming into the stores! Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too are bursting with florals, birds, and fresh looks for your home and garden! Join us as we make our way through the aisles to ‘pick’ our favorites.



Early morning walks feature a symphony of birdsong! A stroll through the stores presents a variety of decor featuring this feathered friend. From salt decanters for the kitchen or craft area…


…to colorful luncheon and dessert plates…


…an Asian-style table featuring a bird in the midst of bamboo…


…red cardinals who appear to fly out and about…


…and even a wealth of real estate.


Alcohol proof trays and containers from Japan feature wispy florals and butterflies in flight.



Live ferns and green plants fill a tabletop and bring a bit of Nature indoors.


Vintage books featuring colored illustrations of flowers are a favorite for many gardeners.


Floral patterns cover everything imaginable. Serving trays may be used functionally for a gathering or hang on the wall for impact.



Bouquets of color gracefully flower across the drawers of a black and gold dresser.


Oil canvases take on different interpretations of flower arrangements.



Porcelain containers can store coffee or tea and brighten the kitchen.


Quilts and coverlets give a fresh look to the sofa or bed.


Even metal and iron become delicate flowering branches in wall decor and chandeliers.



With these great options celebrating the arrival of Spring even a rainy day becomes more bearable. Come join us whatever the weather and take home a little bit of sunshine and happiness.

Open daily from 11AM to 6PM. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS!

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

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Vibrant colors in an August wedding….

I attended a country wedding this past Saturday evening and it was pure delight. I knew it would be because the mother of the bride is my talented friend, Diane Korte, who owns the White Corner Antique Store in Mt. Angel and is known for her decorating talents. And I say–like mother, like daughter. The bride, Brittney, chose the dramatic shades of fuschia pink, lime green, and black as her color scheme.

The setting was near Marquam in a new event venue called Vanderbeck Valley Farms. It consists of a large grassy area, a small forest with paths and overlooks a cornfield and a herd of black cattle (color scheme?). There was a large parking area and a helpful attendant directed me to the proper place. I had arrived a bit late for the appointed 6:00 pm cocktail hour.

When I arrived, I ran into friends Julie Stabler and husband Bill. While visiting, I was quickly served a cool icy margarita in a black to-go cup. Julie had been helping with the decorations the past two days and had to share the “candy tent” with me. Oh my…

The popular "Candy Booth"

Another view…

another view of candy booth

My eye was then drawn to the dining tent. Inside were tables set with the bright colors of table linens and held lovely floral arrangements fashioned by Farmwife Flowers (Catherine@champoegfarm.com).

Large white, japanese lanterns were strung up and chandeliers hung at varying heights and were painted–you guessed it–the wedding colors.

Oregon hop vines were draped along all the outer edges of the tent.

Many of the props were vintage items which had been repainted–an old vanity dresser, old tables, large picture frames painted pink and turned into blackboards directing the guests.

The wedding cake was a work of art and was surrounded by matching cupcakes (made by Diane I was told).

Guests could mingle the grounds, walk the paths into the woods, or sit at the grouping of picnic tables ( covered with more beautiful cloths) set about the meadow.

I visited with my friend, Linda Butsch of Valley Naturals who did the wedding party bouquets, the entrance to the altar, and the altar itself. She used a mixture of a sedum, Autumn Joy, for the lime color, and pink garden roses. statice from a local grower that she spray painted pink, and lots and lots of hop vines.

The altar

At this point my camera battery went out–if I get more photos, I’ll add them. The ceremony was lovely with bridesmaids dressed in short black cocktail dresses. The family dog, Jack, a pug, was the ring bearer.

A wonderful casual buffet was served and I visited with some of Diane’s friends who had helped with the decor. Good friend, Karen Stadeli, a devout antiquer< (and good customer of Stars) visited--she was essential to the decor I was told and had helped for days. All in all, I could only think that this was a collaboration of love and labor from many friends and relatives. And, I thought, a triumph of creativity and imagination... signing off, Gayle


I was browsing through the Style section of the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, and I was STARSTRUCK by a full page ad for Ralph Lauren’s new Spring 2011 Collection looks (which I am describing as Urbane Cowboy).

Feminine cowgirl--lace and leather...

I have loved Ralph Lauren’s Western fashions from the very first time I set eyes on them years ago. Ralph loves “Western” too and uses elements of cowboy style often in his collections.

Along with many other antique collectors, I have found that you can create the “look” by using the original elements of his designs. For instance, buying a concho belt seems to be a must whether worn with denim or gold lame’. Years ago, I bought an antique concho belt from a southwestern dealer at the Palmer/Wirfs Antique Show. I paid the earth for it, but have worn it for many years and could sell it now and get back my money’s worth. A reproduction belt would work just fine too.

Another item, Ralph is using this year is lace–either scarves, blouses, dresses or skirts. I have acquired all sorts of laces in my collecting journey–much from a wonderful shop in Salem called… and Old Lace, owned by Elizabeth Southwell. The shop is no longer there but Elizabeth converted many of us to wearing beautiful laces. I have bought laces also at Stars, estate sales, flea markets, and antique shops.

Urbane cowboy - lace skirt with concho belt.

Ralph also uses lace as an embellishment on clothing as seen on the jacket below….

Ralph's Lace embellished Jacket

You can check out the entire 2011 Western collection HERE on Style.com!

All this got me thinking about all the vintage accessories I have accumulated over the years….so I rummaged through my closets and put together the following outfits:

A lace skirt I had sewn from either curtain or tablecloth fabric bought years ago at an antique show.

Lace Skirt - Denim blouse with lace skirt and concho belt

An embellished linen jacket that I had trimmed with antique lace. This was done for me years ago by my friend and expert seamstress, Celia Mason.

20 Year old Jacket - Linen Jeans jacket embellished with handmade lace

A straw hat trimmed with velvet, old silk roses, lace scarves, belt, and 1990’s Victorian cotton dress…

20 year old lace dress with lacy accessories

I have worn all these garments over the years at different antique shows and parties. I have discovered that antique collectors, in general, have a good time using vintage items to create their own style–it goes hand in hand after all, and of course it is fun!!!!

Here are my choices for elements of Ralph Lauren’s Urbane Cowboy look:

Leather–belts, boots, shoes, purse, jackets

Denim–shirts, pants, skirts, jackets,

Silver jewelry–beads, turquoise

Lace (no polyester please!!!)–cotton or silk–handdone would be wonderful

White cotton shirts, skirts, blouses, dress (%100 per cent please).

(*Note: Ralph says no cowboy hats–too gimmicky)

It’s nice to know these things are in fashion again, but of course, that really doesn’t matter to me–because I think personal style is timeless.

Signing off with no cowboy hat off to Ralph!!!

Stars Antiques

Mother/Daughter Talent

If you have been a regular customer of the Stars Antique Malls over the years, you are familiar with the space of Marcee Melton. Marcee’s business name is Camp Hollyhock, and she designs and creates clothing mostly out of recycled fabric. She also fashions all manner of things from paper. You may have seen her large paper snowflakes and burlap and paper Christmas trees as holiday decorations for the Stars stores. I have been a great fan and a delighted buyer of Marcee’s creations.

Daybed with pillows

I took the photograph above in Marcee’s space a couple of weeks ago and was enchanted with the sprigs with paper blossoms for sale in her booth. (I am Totally into items made from vintage paper!). When I was extolling my delight with the the flowers to Brent, he said “Well then you need to talk to Marcee about the paper dress her daughter made.”

a sprig of paper flowers

I went to visit Marcee at the Unique Antique Too store where she works on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. She told me the story.

Marcee Melton

Her daughter, Kaitlyn, is a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is in the Visual Presentation and Display program. (for all of us who like to decorate and create a look, wouldn’t that be the most fun?????) Kaitlyn created a dress from paper flowers (yes, the same as the one in Marcee’s space), and the dress was displayed in the window of Saks Fifth Avenue.

As seen in Sak's Fifth Avenue Window--NYC

I think it is to Kaitlyn’s benefit that she grew up watching her mother design and create for years. Marcee’s dresses sell at Stars at a moderate price ( jacket pictured below is $39), but when she ships them off to boutiques all over the USA, they can be sold for a much higher price. The jacket below would sell in New York for $169.

Closeup of Dress

Marcee is dealer #53 at Stars, and her items can also be found at Unique Antique Too at 8315 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, which is owned by Pat Jaffuel, former dealer at Stars.

Close up of flowers
Prices of paper flowers

It has been fun for me to hear all about Marcee’s marketing of her goods, and now it will be even more fun to hear about the adventures of she and Kaitlyn and their next projects. And I do check out her space (#53) every time I go to Stars….

Signing off with admiration of the second generation….

Stars Antiques

January Musings…..

What I like about January despite the cold, the wind, the rain, the fog, and the gray days……

I like the idea of nestling in and making my home winter cozy….

I bring out my quilts and crocheted throws and put them on chairs, sofas, and beds….

Antique patchwork quilt, barkcloth and needlepoint pillows, vintage gardening book

I force bulbs and bring in plants from outdoors to add to my indoor plants…

I make terrariums and tiny “indoor gardens”.

Thin wire arbor purchased at Stars from dealer #15. Bird carved by Oregon Folk Artist, Carl Buchholz

I build fires in the fireplace and put stacks of books–fiction, nonfiction, decorating books, gardening books, seed catalogs, and shelter magazines nearby and easy at hand for me to browse through.

books to thumb through

I watch old movies.

I make lists of things I want to get done in the winter… (take a booth at Stars for sure!!)

I cover my white sofas with old pieces of linen so my cats can snooze on them…

simon relaxing

I splurge on a small bouquet of flowers and mix them with greens from outside.

Tiger lilies
Mixed bouquet from Trader Joe's (around $5.99) mixed with greens from my garden

I leave out my holiday decorations that pertain to winter. I have a collection of snow landscapes for instance. These are all put away about the first of February. I treasure my handmade items purchased at The Magic of Christmas and other holiday venues. Some of my favorites are the snow dollies made by Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse.

Snow maiden with Lamb - created by Christine Crocker

I plan get-togethers with friends and family. all I need is a raincoat and umbrella. After all, I am a true Oregonian!!!!

Signing off (and the sun is shining right now!!!!)

Stars Antiques