On the Road Again

On the road again.
There is nothing quite like the excitement of hitting the road in search of antiques and vintage items. There is the promise that just around the corner maybe something will take your breath away. If you have this “obsession” like so many of us, you will know what I am talking about.

Hitting the road, we barely get out of town and our van is filled with merchandise. No way we can take this load to California and expect to fit in more stuff. Back home we travel to unload and start again the next day.

We got a bit farther on the second day. But the van is starting to fill up fast. Really fast. In Ashland, Grants Pass & Medford, we shop our little hearts out. We even had to leave some merchandise to pick on the return trip back home. If you haven’t taken the time to stop and shop in these Oregon towns you are missing a great experience. Wonderful shopping and the nicest folks to work with. Hey, that’s Oregon for you. The best prices in the country and the biggest smiles.

Crossing the state line into California, stopping briefly at the border inspection station, “do you have any fruit in your possession?” our van automatically heads to Chico. It has been some time since we have been shopping in Chico but this college town is picturesque with a couple of great vintage shops. Our timing was all wrong for Chico, we couldn’t sit for an hour before they opened so we put the pedal to the metal for Paradise. Oh boy, Paradise found, antiques wise. From the first antiques mall to the last stop of the day, we found our kind of merchandise. We think the prize of the day was a vintage Mexican travel poster. During the day we find out that the Alameda Fleamarket we had been planning on attending had been the previous Sunday. Disappointed at my inability to read a calendar properly, we overcame that trauma by shopping with a renewed vigor.

sally's in paradise

After plundering Paradise we were off to Sacramento to shop with Jana at Cottage Girls. We ALWAYS find amazing things at Jana’s small house of a shop. It never fails that we walk out of Jana’s with fabulous merchandise. She picks what makes our hearts beat faster. Calming our rapid pulse with the Visa card at Cottage Girls off we headed to Antique Trove in Roseville. The Trove is another interesting place we stop to shop when we are in the Sacramento area. Many treasured items have made their home with us from this mega antiques mall.

we were in awe of this jeans wall

Somewhere along this buying junket we stayed in selected motels and ate at local hangouts but they are just a blur in our journey for junk. It is a long stretch between Sacramento and our next stop, Bakersfield. We had the foresight to get, “To Kill A Mockingbird” on audio tape. Sissy Spacek narrated one of our favorite books of all time as we traveled down this long stretch of highway.

Bakersfield here we come. The downtown area of Bakersfield has some amazing vintage buildings that house some of the shops we frequent. One of these is an antiques mall in a vintage Woolworth’s store. It is still vintage right down to the deco railings and the lunch counter where meals are still being served. Starting at the 5 and 10 Antiques Mall we made our way down the street to a number of antiques and vintage stores. By this time the van is filled to beyond capacity.

When you have no more room, what is the next best thing to do? Buy it and come back for it later. We firmly believe, when you see it, buy it because it may not be there next time you come to shop. We have piles of merchandise up and down the I-5 corridor with our name on it. But Palm Springs is beckoning. There is more to this story…….just stay tuned because we will be “On the Road Again” real soon.