More Texas

The boxes have started to arrive with our treasures from Texas. Most of the time I am excited about opening them up to be reacquainted with my purchases. Occasionally I do have that, “What was I thinking when I bought that?” moment. So far those thoughts have been kept at bay. I will try to take photos of some of the Texas goodies and post them on a blog in the near future. But in the mean time here are some glimpses of our trip to the BIG state of Texas.

wouldn't you stop for this sale with this kind of sign?

Merch from the Clutter Show

We were walking through one of the show fields, happen to pop into this tent and there was this chair. Fortunately, a very nice lady had just bought it. She saved me from trying to figure out how that chair was going make its way into my home. I owe her.

fab slipped covered chair in vintage mexican textile

There was plenty to look at where ever we roamed. But when you shop hard you need fuel to keep up your spirits. We all thought this “Coffee Bug” was pretty darn cute. Never had a latte there but just had to take its picture.

you could get your latte at the coffee bug

even the men's room door was interesting

Once again, I almost got myself in trouble looking at furniture. I love furniture. So it can be a bit of a handicap to travel to these wonderful shows and have to limit oneself to things that can be shipped at the local post office. “Can’t have” are not two of my favorite words

thought this chair was interesting
the beauty of found objects

After several intense days of shopping at all of the shows out in the Texas countryside we decided to hit the local shops in Austin. One of our favorites with the Austin Antique Mall. We must have liked it, we went back twice.

mall space where we shopped extensively
Bought arm loads of fun things. Out-of-state junk is always more interesting. But during our city shopping in Austin we can across a great shop down the road from the Austin Antique Mall. The shop was mainly mid century items but the outside area between the two wings of the shop was filled with our kinds of treasures.

love letters

Give me a group of something and I will want to adopt it. I just loved the collection of wrenches they had mounted on a wall outside. Then I saw this group of letters. I was drawn to it, like a bee to honey.

delicious breakfast!!!

I am always clipping out travel tidbits from my travel magazines or the New York Times Travel Section on Sunday. Where I got the info to go eat at Juan in a Million I will never know but let me tell you it was well worth it. Located in one of Austin’s close in neighborhoods, we lucked out not having to stand in line. Yummy, yummy breakfast.

Great shopping, great eating and great memories of our time in Austin, Texas. We will be back.