A Happy New Year from Stars

Celebrate the New Year with festivities and shopping. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too help get the party started with shiny orbs in an array of colors!



Reflecting back it’s been a year to remember with highs and lows, clarity and confusion. Life has a way of filling our lives with daily surprises.


Looking to the future offers strength, hope, and purpose as we plan for yet another new year.


The sun and moon will continue their cycle in our simple but complex world.


Time passes and light and shadows dance about. Take time to appreciate these subtle changes and displays of beauty.


Happiness lives within all of us – take the time to see yourself and all that you have to offer those around you.


New ideas formulate as challenges present themselves. It’s a good time to stray from the ordinary and comfortable and try something new and unfamiliar.


Sing a happy tune to put a bounce in your step.


Notice the special moments that can sometimes go unnoticed.


Appreciate the beauty of nature that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Capture the colors of a sunset and the stillness of snow.



Friendships enrich daily experiences and fill our hearts with joy.


Treat yourself like royalty.


A new day is dawning.


And three, two, one, ring in the New Year with the celebratory first kiss and begin a new calendar year filled with love.


We’ll be open New Years Day from 11:00-6:00. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

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Up and Running


Here’s what’s new at the trio of Stars Antiques stores

All three stores are packed full! Dealers have been coming in and restocking and the selection of goods is at an all time high. Let’s take a walk through the stores and enjoy the collections of our favorite haunts. There is no end to what you will find as you browse through Stars, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too. Remember, if you see something you love, buy it because it may not be there tomorrow.


With summer in full swing, the sidewalks are also filled with more great finds that our dealers bring in on the weekends. From bold color to white on white, from salvaged gates and bed frames to furnishings built from reclaimed materials, from vintage and collectibles to weathered and worn antiques, you are sure to find inspiration and fresh ideas as you hunt and gather.



Popular vintage patio table sets designed for the outdoors are just as suitable for the sunroom and dining area. The colorful interplay of Bauer plates and bowls just makes meals taste better especially when served al fresco.


While you’re changing out the rooms, take the iron bed outside for warm late afternoon siestas. Better yet, position it strategically in the yard or on the porch and sleep outside for the cool breezes that carry the fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle through the evening air.┬áThink about taking an old garden gate and hanging it on the fence for great shadow play as the sun passes through the yard. Hanging it indoors, the gate quickly becomes a wire grid clipboard of favorite photos and notes.


Pillows of burlap and bows give a quick update to any chair, sofa, or bed in neutrals at Stars.


If you want more color try out the colorful silk souvenir pillows complete with fringe at Stars Too.


Grab a book to curl up with from the sorted and categorized book cart found outside of Stars on the sidewalk every weekend.


Better still, if you feel daring, pull a few volumes from the many books artfully arranged in the cupboard at Stars Too.


If you love the notion of repurposing and buying found objects, check out the salvaged windows and architectural elements that are displayed in all the stores.


From corbels and balustrades to newell posts and cornice pieces — everything old is new again when you find a new function for it.


Salvaged and repurposed wall mounts of glass, porcelain, and brass are combined with escutcheons, cover plates, and even plumbing parts to give a one-of-a-kind look to your hall, pantry, or bath and clear up clutter at the same time.


Reclaimed Douglas fir floor joists and beams become solid, sturdy, and functional tables in all shapes and sizes. Teamed with welded, blued bases of steel the turn of the century materials merge with the current industrial craze.


Indulge yourself as you shop at Stars Antiques, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too this summer. Brighten up your interiors by pulling out your collections and displaying them in full view for everyone to enjoy!

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Wanda Has Left Me

Just an update on Wanda. She has left me. She was none to pleased with my blog on her, so when an eager buyer came along she took the ride home. I am hoping she is living in a good home. She deserves it. I really didn’t want to talk about her past in my blog but her full name is Wanda Lee Star. Yes, that does sound like a stripper’s name but I can not say any more on the subject.

Good bye Wanda. I am missing you terribly. No, I think it is the hair.

good bye Wanda Lee Star

I Do

If it’s summer it must be wedding time. The visits to the malls from prospective brides and grooms increases dramatically. Some are looking for unique items for their ceremony or to use at the reception. The adventurous brides to be maybe looking at vintage bridal gowns or a lovely vintage wedding ring. We have even had them put us down as a wedding gift idea for their guests.

My experience with weddings is usually just limited to eating the wedding cake. If I have to endure a wedding ceremony the cake had better be good. If the ceremony is short and sweet the quality of the cake is not quite as much a factor.

will they really be happy together?

With the news about New York legalizing same sex marriage, I began thinking about all of the items that we have sold over the years to brides and grooms for their special day. In the future it will not just be brides and grooms but grooms and grooms and brides and brides. That should make life interesting.

next time it is vegas

Just recently we sold an oversized letter B. It must have come off a commercial sign somewhere in the Portland area. We were using it for a display but when the bride to be just had to have it, we sold it. Frankly, we didn’t need any tears. She is going to use it for her reception that will be centered around a vintage airstream trailer. B is the first letter of her new name. Now that’s a wedding I would like to attend. I bet the cake will be delicious at that wedding.

always the bridesmaid never the bride

Last year, we sold a wedding gown designed by our dealer Julia #36 at Stars & Splendid. Julia creates amazing clothing using vintage fabrics. You never know what you will find in Julia’s booth space. I like Julia’s quirky sense of style. But back to the story. So this cute couple came in to shop. She immediately fell in love this wonderful wedding gown designed by Julia. You need to know that Julia’s clothing is not for the faint of heart. But on this willowy bride to be, the gown was stunning. She bought the gown, next day during our sale. This couple were not only cute but smart. We made her promise to send us wedding pictures and a piece of wedding cake. I’m still waiting for my cake.

the original bridezilla

The list goes on and on with all sorts of items that clever brides to be and their grooms to be have purchased to make their special day unique. But that’s why we all shop at Stars. No cookie cutter looks for us.

they now have 1000 great-great-great grandkids

So with my trusty iphone I decided to record some vintage wedding photos. Like all vintage photos they are a window to our past. No photos of cakes, not a one. I hope they all enjoyed their cakes. I would have.

Summer Whites

What is it about the color white that is so soothing? When Summer finally arrives, I find myself yearning for the clean, cool color of white. White has numerous hues just like any other color. Warm, cool, creamy to stark, my personal favorite is the white that has the patina of age. I love color but wouldn’t it be fun to decorate a house all in white. Taking my iphone, I wandered the two malls to get inspired by what I could find. I was not disappointed. Now I just need to find that house.

inspiration from the seashore
birds of a feather flock together in white

aged white patina my personal favorite

wearing white

freshly painted white

framing a white room

the white of vintage textiles

glazed white


Time flies when you are having fun. Who came up with that? Time flies when you look at the calendar, the month of June is gone and the 4th of July is staring you in the face. The 4th has never been a big holiday for me personally but this past year I have been collecting red, white and blue collectibles. Primarily flag motifs painted primitively on wood. Very folk artsy. I had thoughts about using them all in the display windows at Stars.

With the 4th looming, it was time to find this collection of July 4th memorabilia and get hopping. The windows are done. And I like the look. But all this red, white and blueness got me to thinking about my America. So here are a few photos of items that say America to me. My iphone, adobe photoshop and a couple of unique filters make me look like I know what I am doing.

our artsy salute to the 4th

the red, white & blue table top

uncle sam over the top

as american as apple pie

long may it wave

Junking Gypsies

hello sunshine

Hello, Palm Springs. After several days on the road, the van filled with precious cargo we head into town looking for some rest and relaxation. That lasted about a day. The sun seems to beckon us out to shop. We must obey.

Off to one our favorites shops in Ontario, Treasures and Junk. For years we have passed right by this gem on our way to the flea markets in Pasadena and Long Beach. It took our friend Pat to point us in the right direction. We have yet to come out of this antiques mall empty handed.

our kind of place

our new home?

After combing the aisles in Treasures and Junk, I just happened outside and lo and behold here was my dream. A vintage travel trailer. They call them manufactured homes now but they will always be trailers to me. This one was in pretty rough shape but don’t you think it has possibilities? Apparently, Darwin didn’t. My dream crushed and the van filled, we made our way down the highway as only junk gypsies can do.

forget the banana splits, it's date shakes we want

All work and no play makes for cranky junk gypsies, so we took a day to explore the world of old Hollywood celebrities in Palm Springs via Celebrity Tours. From Bob Hope’s modest home to the grander desert palaces in the Beverly Hills of Palm Springs, Las Palmas, we toured in air conditioned luxury. Plenty of the stars made Palm Springs their vacation hideaway. When filming in Hollywood, they had a clause in their contract that forbid them from being more than 150 miles away. Palm Springs conveniently fit the bill.

Midway through the tour we followed the road out of town to a mom and pop roadside market for date shakes. Never experienced a date shake? What part of vanilla ice cream, milk and wonderfully sugary dates would you not enjoy?

Fun can only last just so long. We need to be working. A couple of years ago, on a auto trip to visit Joshua Tree we passed through the town of Yucca Valley. While making this trek to Joshua Tree we couldn’t help but notice several antiques stores sprinkled along the route. Now we regularly visit Yucca Valley to shop. One of our favorites is Dawn Blevins’ shop, Route 62 Vintage Marketplace. Many a treasure has been stuffed into our rental car from Dawn’s store. One hundred and thirty two rusted movie film cans will be coming home with us this time. You have to see them to understand the appeal of this collection. Rust is not a dirty word to a junk gypsy.

pop art in the desert

Long Beach Flea Market, the numerous shops in the city of Orange and the Santa Monica Flea Market, our list of shopping hotspots seems to be endless. Each day we ask ourselves, what was our favorite store? What was our best buy of the day? It’s a bit like asking, “Who is your favorite child?” We love them all.

On the Road Again

On the road again.
There is nothing quite like the excitement of hitting the road in search of antiques and vintage items. There is the promise that just around the corner maybe something will take your breath away. If you have this “obsession” like so many of us, you will know what I am talking about.

Hitting the road, we barely get out of town and our van is filled with merchandise. No way we can take this load to California and expect to fit in more stuff. Back home we travel to unload and start again the next day.

We got a bit farther on the second day. But the van is starting to fill up fast. Really fast. In Ashland, Grants Pass & Medford, we shop our little hearts out. We even had to leave some merchandise to pick on the return trip back home. If you haven’t taken the time to stop and shop in these Oregon towns you are missing a great experience. Wonderful shopping and the nicest folks to work with. Hey, that’s Oregon for you. The best prices in the country and the biggest smiles.

Crossing the state line into California, stopping briefly at the border inspection station, “do you have any fruit in your possession?” our van automatically heads to Chico. It has been some time since we have been shopping in Chico but this college town is picturesque with a couple of great vintage shops. Our timing was all wrong for Chico, we couldn’t sit for an hour before they opened so we put the pedal to the metal for Paradise. Oh boy, Paradise found, antiques wise. From the first antiques mall to the last stop of the day, we found our kind of merchandise. We think the prize of the day was a vintage Mexican travel poster. During the day we find out that the Alameda Fleamarket we had been planning on attending had been the previous Sunday. Disappointed at my inability to read a calendar properly, we overcame that trauma by shopping with a renewed vigor.

sally's in paradise

After plundering Paradise we were off to Sacramento to shop with Jana at Cottage Girls. We ALWAYS find amazing things at Jana’s small house of a shop. It never fails that we walk out of Jana’s with fabulous merchandise. She picks what makes our hearts beat faster. Calming our rapid pulse with the Visa card at Cottage Girls off we headed to Antique Trove in Roseville. The Trove is another interesting place we stop to shop when we are in the Sacramento area. Many treasured items have made their home with us from this mega antiques mall.

we were in awe of this jeans wall

Somewhere along this buying junket we stayed in selected motels and ate at local hangouts but they are just a blur in our journey for junk. It is a long stretch between Sacramento and our next stop, Bakersfield. We had the foresight to get, “To Kill A Mockingbird” on audio tape. Sissy Spacek narrated one of our favorite books of all time as we traveled down this long stretch of highway.

Bakersfield here we come. The downtown area of Bakersfield has some amazing vintage buildings that house some of the shops we frequent. One of these is an antiques mall in a vintage Woolworth’s store. It is still vintage right down to the deco railings and the lunch counter where meals are still being served. Starting at the 5 and 10 Antiques Mall we made our way down the street to a number of antiques and vintage stores. By this time the van is filled to beyond capacity.

When you have no more room, what is the next best thing to do? Buy it and come back for it later. We firmly believe, when you see it, buy it because it may not be there next time you come to shop. We have piles of merchandise up and down the I-5 corridor with our name on it. But Palm Springs is beckoning. There is more to this story…….just stay tuned because we will be “On the Road Again” real soon.

Praying for…


It has been a long wet winter and spring here in the Northwest. I was shopping in Stars yesterday and came across these iron letters in Dealer 26’s space. SUN what a wonderful concept when you haven’t seen it for awhile. And why do we feel so much better when that golden orb is shining down on us?

The forecast is for more sunshine. Prayers are answered….sometimes

Hats Off to the Royal Wedding

a bit over the top but you need to stand out in the crowd

Friday is the big day for William and Kate’s royal wedding. With all of the media a buzz over the nuptials, we thought it was only appropriate to go hat shopping at Stars. Here’s what we found. Let us know which one you would wear if you got an invitation to the wedding.

the veil of mystery look
can you wear red to a royal wedding?
the celebrity hat. no sunglasses necessary to hide behind
retro mod
flowers are a girl's best friend
pink poofy

We received our own invitation to a “Royal Wedding Reception in Honor of the Marriage between Prince William & Miss Catherine” at Sixpence Antiques in Lake Oswego. Not only are they serving champagne and wedding cake but we get 20% off storewide. Food and shopping deals, now that is our kind of wedding reception.