Fresh Picks

From Sauvie Island to Hood River and all along the Willamette Valley berry season is coming to a close while apples, pears, and peaches are prime for picking. Join us everyday of the week from 11-6 at Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too. We’ll make summer baking fun with a number of great vintage finds in all three stores. Berries never have an expiration date when turned into hampers, tablecloths, and scarves. If it’s canning jars with character you’ll find plenty; including vintage jam jars.





Grapes covering an arbor create much needed shade and allow the fruit to be harvested easily. Take a weekend to create your own mix of home-made wine or Sangria.




Farm fresh crumble is a quick and easy option when you have limited time but want to indulge in seasonal fruits or berries. Be sure to have the freezer stocked with ice cream. Take a classic recipe for crumb topping and throw in 1/4-1/2 cup of your favorite cereal or granola for extra crunch. Served up in vintage Pyrex makes the flavor and presentation that much better.




Fruit pies with a pierced or lattice top take a bit more time but are well worth the wait! In this house, we get anxious with the aroma and never allow proper cooling time for the pie before having a sample taste.







Did you know that pie once cooled is perfect for breakfast with hot coffee or tea?



Whatever the summer holds in store, don’t miss out on the grand selection of fresh produce available. The kitchen may be hot from baking but our stores are always very cool. Stop in for some refreshing ideas. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

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Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

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Resolutions and a Big Stars Vintage Sale

January has brought with it a wealth of change and opportunity. Stars, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too vintage dealers have been busy bringing in fresh, new merchandise in preparation to purge the old at the annual STARS FAMOUS HAGGLE SALE which runs Friday, January 16 through Monday, January 19. Open daily from 11AM to 6PM! This sale is one of my favorites because I love to haggle, clear my space of older pieces, and check off one resolution — a new look for a new year!


It’s easy to sit back and contemplate change, but better to achieve it. Halfway into January 2015, we tend to lose sight of any resolutions made for the New Year. We have good intentions, but our daily life can interrupt and play havoc on any hope for true change.

Set your clock a bit earlier and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved in a short amount of time. You may even wake up to the neighbor’s chickens’ morning banter.



Start putting more fresh fruits and vegetables out in bowls and on platters. This is not only a colorful centerpiece, but a healthy snack.



Cut back on sugar and salt in your diet!



Hide the sweets away! Temptations are easy to pass up when they are not visible.


Start a collection of vintage cookbooks from Stars and search out healthier meals and menus!



Share those meals with old friends and new by scheduling gatherings throughout the year.


Make time for fresh air and exercise. Take up a new sport or get more proficient at an old one. Shopping at any of the Stars stores burns many calories! The hunt and gather, stretching to reach something up high and squatting to check out what’s in the baskets along the floor — all great exercise.



Reach out to an acquaintance by writing a letter with a vintage typewriter. Find classic stationery and envelopes as you shop with the Stars team to personalize the look!


Tell someone you love them. Vintage Valentines are in store now.



Take time for yourself.


Take a personal holiday.


Finish unfinished projects…


… and start saving for new ones.


Get organized at home — especially the kitchen! We have metal bins and cubbies of all shapes and sizes, industrial carts and tables, and wall mounts for your coats, bags and more.




Get creative by recycling found items. Don’t have the time or patience? Find it as you shop at Stars, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too. We have a wealth of dealers who create one-of-a-kind pieces from fabric, metal, wood, shells, and more.



Take time to curl up under a lovely quilt and read a book or plan this spring’s flower garden.




Experience art.


Remember to take time to laugh and be silly.



Get better in touch with yourself, know your body and it’s limitations. Then work to feel great at the close of each day by what you have accomplished.


Happy January, everyone. Thank you for your continued patronage to our stores! Remember to join us this Friday, January 16th as we open our doors at 11AM for the STARS FAMOUS HAGGLE SALE. All three stores are overflowing with great items for your home, office, studio and, of course, gifts for friends. The sale runs through Monday, January 19th.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Gather Together

Gatherings are special throughout the year and Thanksgiving marks the start of the winter holidays. A special day to truly reflect and count our blessings, express gratitude, and also celebrate with those we love. Whether you spend the day with friends or family, it’s a great time to freshen up the decor and create your own personal style to welcome all those who enter into your home.

An ever-changing selection of unique items old, new, and repurposed is being brought in daily by our dealers. Create a look that is festive and comfortable for your home as you celebrate the Holidays, friendship and the art of food! Stars, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too offer the best selection for your Holiday shopping needs. Open daily from 11:00-6:00. Closed Thanksgiving Day.


As we prepare for our travels whether near or far…


…prepare for the elements.


Don’t forget a gift for the host/hostess.



Nature beckons us to take a moment and enjoy the ever-changing colors of Autumn as we travel familiar roads.


For many, the classic Fall harvest will be a centerpiece, side dish and dessert!


Prep the stove, it’s one of the busiest days in the kitchen!!


Refer to the favorite cook books in the kitchen cupboards for old and new recipes.


Pull the muffin tins out from the lower drawer, you’re going to need them all.


The collection of vintage rolling pins will get used for several dishes; the beauty of form and function in action!


Grab the Holiday platter from the top shelf and don’t forget a selection of fresh coffee beans (regular and decaf).


The investment of a great set of collectible plates are table worthy for the Holidays. Always lovely to look at but better when meals are served on them!


Clean and count the silver service; company is coming.


The soup tureen is ready for the table.


Colorful miniature turkeys add to the centerpiece moments before the guests arrive.



Leave room on the countertops for the dishes arriving if you’re choosing a potluck style gathering.


Plan on enjoying time together well into the evening. Have a relaxing and joyous day this Thanksgiving. Thank you all for making the Stars family a part of your shopping ritual. We look forward to seeing you throughout the Holiday Season! Stars, Stars and Splendid, and Stars Too will be open regular hours for Black Friday from 11:00-6:00.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

And find us on Stars on Facebook & Instagram @StarsPDX!

Stars Antiques Joins Supportland!

So–we have exciting news! We are now part of Portland’s amazing Supportland network. Super incentives for supporting a bunch of phenomenal locally owned shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, events and services. It is a wonderful points system that we feel like the whole community will benefit from while having a lot of fun. See who else is on the Supportland list–HERE.

1. Pick up a card at our Stars Antiques malls or another participating biz.

2. Go online and register it.

3. Swipe your card whenever you shop at participating businesses–you get points to use towards a huge list of rewards. Points you earn from all the businesses get pooled for you to cash them in for the rewards from any participating local business. Very cool.

Keep up with Supportland on Facebook and Twitter–they always announce new shops that have signed up, so you can plan where to use your points! There is even a map of participating shops and an iPhone app should be launching soon.

Thanks for supporting locally owned businesses! We sincerely appreciate every one of you and hope you enjoy this new perk as much as we think you will. ♥

Here is a fun video to watch that explains it:


Black Friday: Little Boxes in PDX!

Come down this Black Friday for some shopping fun! Forget the big box stores–we’re participating in Portland’s Little Boxes holiday shopping event–a one-day collaborative Black Friday sale and amazing raffle. We’re one of about 90 retailers across the city who are banding together to offer our community a cross-promotional discount from the amazing SMALL businesses at the heart of Portland retail. All participating shops will be open 10am-8pm this Black Friday (11/25/11) and will provide a 10% discount to any customer who shows a receipt from a different participating business from that day.

In addition to the discount, customers will receive a raffle tickets at each location for a chance to win prizes. BIG PRIZES!! $100 to spend at Stars Antiques Malls, an Orla Kiely handbag from Tilde, $75 to Fuchsia, an iPad 2 from The Mac Store, a one-night stay at the Hotel Deluxe, $200 to Besaw’s, $200 to Wildwood, a tattoo session at Icon Tattoo (How about getting “I ♥ Stars” tattooed on your forearm? Just an idea!)… the list goes on and on! See complete list of raffle prizes HERE.

For the complete list of the 90 stores participating and a map of their locations– visit Little Boxes PDX. See you Friday!


Cookin’ Up A Storm!

As you’re planning your holiday meals, you should stop by the Stars Antiques malls and pick up some of the great cookware our dealers are stocking. There are even some perfect condition enamelware pieces from high end brands, like Le Creuset, at a fraction of their current retail price. Love these!

We also have a lot of Pyrex glass bakeware that does double duty by looking festive and cheery on the dining table. If you’re going potluck to someone else’s house for the holidays then these can also make sweet, inexpensive hostess gifts to leave behind for your friends or family!

Here are a few great pieces we found at Stars and Splendid

A Proper English Tea to Celebrate….

When I received this invitation to a tea to celebrate the Royal Wedding, I knew I was in for a good time. I have always avidly followed the “Royals” and this was right up my alley.

I received e-mails from friends who were also invited and were wondering what to wear. I replied that I was torn between a tiara or a hat. When the morning of the luncheon arrived, I rummaged around and found an old floral Ralph Lauren cotton outfit from the late ’80s and a hat trimmed with vintage roses (the hat hadn’t been worn in years and the silk flowers were just a bit wilted).

Six of us arrived at “HIllside Manor” in Ridgefield, Washington to be greeted by hosts, Dianne Muyskens, Ellie Von Tilberg and Sheila Kaseberg. we were assigned badges with our proper titles. I was Baroness Gayle of Star Hall.

In photo below are from left, Ellie and Dianne wearing their “fascinators”.

The morning started with wonderful and amazing appetizers and choices of beverages. Some of the ladies were more conservative and did not wear headwear, but all looked extremely festive. We all had fun visiting and admiring outfits.

Sheila gave a humorous reading (written by her) from a gossip column in an English newspaper. Surprisingly, all of us were mentioned–some in a quite scandalous manner.

Sheila reading the English newspaper

Always fun to visit with old and new friends and especially to mark this joyful occasion.

Distinguished ladies….

Cutting edge style….

Kathy purchased her black hat the day before at Stars Antique Mall.

Kathy (who bought her hat at Stars) and Rosemary
Linda enjoying it all

After much visiting, we were ushered into to our tea places. There were three tables set with lovely china, cyrstal, flowers and candles. Each place setting had a sprig of freesia and a charm tied to a napkin.

We were served dainty and delicate and delicious tea sandwiches and a fruit bowl. The next course was scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and marmalade. How very British….

The meal ended with homemade sherbet and chocolate and always a quiz for us (one of Dianne’s rules–we have to learn something).

One and all agreed that we would always remember this day. And everyone departed with big smiles on their faces.

Dianne, Gloria Lutz, and Me

Dianne’s fascinator was created by Lori Mirati of Crowninglori Hats. I learned from Linda on the ride home that the hat was held in place by magnets–one in the hair and one on the hat. Gloria’s very mod hat was borrowed from a neighbor.

Ella’s parting words were….”Our next event will be the Royal Baby Shower.”

I’ve watched the wedding ceremony and the following events three times and gotten my fill. Back to reality…..which is actually quite wonderful on this first day of May. The sun is shining!!!

signing off,


Photos courtesy of Dianne Muyskens

Gayle’s View: Lovely Brunch Recipes

Inspiration for me…..

The past two weeks I have been garden touring and lunching and my head is awhirl with thoughts and ideas…

Last week I was invited to a brunch hosted by Diane Muyskens, who is both a passionate cook and gardener. The above photo was taken of the table setting before we sat down to our wonderful meal. We all loved the bird cage idea (and I was proud of myself for buying a bird cage at a good price a month ago at the Stars and Splendid store). Maybe someday I will use a bird cage filled with flowers for a centerpiece, and if I do I will be sure to give Diane credit for the idea.

The brunch was delicious of course and was served on beautiful china garnished with a pink rose dusted with powdered sugar. I am going to give you the recipes for the French Toast and Bacon we were served….

★Make-Ahead French Toast with Strawberry Sauce★

• 1 (16 ounce) challah bread (or French bread), cubed*
• 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, cut into pieces
• 6 large eggs
• 4 cups half-and-half
• 1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
• 1/4 cup maple syrup
• 2 cups fresh strawberries, sliced
• 1 (10-ounce) jar strawberry preserves


1. Arrange half of challah bread in a lightly greased 13 X 9 pan. sprinkle with cheese pieces, and top with remaining bread.

2. Whisk together eggs and next 3 ingredients, pour over bread mixture, pressing bread cubes to absorb egg mixture. Cover and chill 8 hours.

3. Bake, covered, at 350o for 25 minutes. Uncover and bake 20 more minutes.

4. Heat sliced strawberries and strawberry preserves to a saucepan over low heat, and serve over toast.

To Lighten: Substitue 1 (8-ounce package Neufchatel cheese for cream chees, 1 1/2 cups egg substitue for eggs, and 4 cups fat-free half-and-half for regular half-and-half.

★Pecan Sugared Bacon★

• 2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped pecans
• 2 Tbsp. brown sugar
• 1 1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper
• 12 thick-cut bacon slices


1. Preheat oven to 400o. Process pecans in food processor 20 seconds or until finely chopped. Stir together pecans, brown sugar, and papper.

2. Dip bacon in the mixture of finely chopped pecans, pepper and brown sugar. 3. Place half of bacon in a single layer on a lightly greased wire rack in an aluminum pan.

Makes 6 servings; Prep: 15 Min.

Bake: 25 Min. at 400o for 22-26 mins. STAND: 5 Min.

(Note: Diane says they can be done up ahead and reheated and that they are good cold as well. She also adds more brown sugar and pecans than called for.)

The meal was served with fruit and a lovely beverage called Rockin’ Raspberry Lemonade in the sugar encrusted goblets pictured.

There were eight of us lucky enough to share, enjoy, and fully appreciate this repast, and you can be sure the conversation was lively.

Dessert was blueberry pound cake (the blueberries supplied by the Muysken’s garden) served with coffee. We were all lulled into a state of total thrall between the delectable food and the spirited conversation.

After brunch we toured the expansive garden and marvelled at the beauty of the space, the usefulness of the vegetable garden and fruit and berry plantings, and the charming outbuildings which serve as workshops and storage for the Muyskens.

The photo above to the right is just one glimpse of the beautiful garden.

Again for me another example of the creativity of northwest’s talented people. A hearty thank you to Diane for having us all!!

Signing off ….

Stars Antiques

photos courtesy of Diane Muyskens (Thank you Diane!!)

Gayle’s View: The Spirit of Christmas

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more.”–Dr. Seuss

I have always appreciated a thoughtful, lovely gift bestowed upon me at Christmas time… after all, it is part of the fun. However, the older I get, the most endearing things about my holiday season are the various the gatherings I attend with friends and families.

Last evening the ladies in my Book Club and I attended a dinner put on for us by my business partners at Stars, Darwin and Brent. The dinner for eight was a fund-raiser with the price of the meal going to Our House, a non-profit local organization that provides various services for people with advanced HIV/AIDS. I had suggested the Our House dinner (as our Christmas gift to each other) because I knew these particular women would be dazzled by the cuisine, the setting, and the personalities of these two fellows.

We felt the spirit of Christmas from the moment we entered the three-story townhouse. The stairwell wall up to the living room was lined with Darwin’s collection of various early framed mirrors–each mirror had a 1930’s bottle-brush wreath attached to it.

We walked into the living room to see a long scrub- topped table set for eight. Each place setting had a menu and a framed card with our name upon it.

★ Wine- White Mexican Sangria
★ Mexican Corn & Bean Salad
★ Oaxaca Vegetable Soup with Tortilla
★ New World Enchiladas

★ Old Mexico Pomegranet Panna Cotta with Mexican Wedding cakes

The room was decorated with every bookshelf and niche and cupboard filled with scores and scores of all different sizes of bottle-brush jeweled trees that Brent has collected over the years.

We were offered the beverage of our choice as Brent and Darwin’s daughter, Darin, played bartender. We ladies are all passionate about home-decorating, and there was much to see while we enjoyed our drinks.

One wall in the living room is an ever-changing display of various collections. Right now there is white matte pottery filling the shelves with Christmas decorations tucked in.

The ladies were charmed by a seating area in the colorful kitchen by gleaming copper countertops, mis-matched cupboard knobs (all from Anthropologie ), a round marble top table with chipped pink peeling paint on the curved iron legs, flanked by two upholstered wing chairs.

We went with our drinks up the next flight of stairs and oohed and ahhhed over the unframed oil paintings of 1930’s ladies which lined the stairwell wall. At the top of the stairs, covering two walls, is Darwin’s unbelievably large collections of old brooms of all sizes and types hanging as if they were art.

The TV room upstairs has a white slip-covered sofa and walls covered in shelves on each side of the room. One wall was filled with the colorful display of “roadside pottery” collected from all parts of the country. The opposite wall was jammed with many collections too numerous to mention.

We sat down to dinner and enjoyed our meal. After dinner, we were presented with a goodie bag–really a vintage large paper cup filled with candy, ornaments, and, of course STARS soap. We all agreed that we couldn’t have had a better time anywhere else. So we thanked our genial hosts and went on our way with a warm feeling in our hearts….

Signing off…

Stars Antiques