STARS B-DAY SALE: A PDX Vintage Extravaganza!

YAY! Our big 28th BIRTHDAY SALE AT STARS HAS BEEN EXTENDED! The big sale will be going now through this Sunday, June 10! Thousands (maybe millions?!) of wonderful vintage goodies will be marked way down when you come treasure hunting, so hurry on in. Stars dealers at both shops will be marking down most of those things you’ve been looking for or have had your eye on. It’s a great time to add to your collections, spruce up your home, garden, and patio, and to find those perfect pieces to bring camping, fishing, or for summer picnics! Plus, it’s just always really fun to spend time hunting for treasures at Stars (7027 SE Milwaukie Ave) and Stars & Splendid (7030 SE Milwaukie Ave). 11AM to 6PM DAILY!

Now through June 10!

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Here are some fun things we found around the shops recently:

Stars Too Closing Sale!

More vintage goodies are finding their way to our Stars Too shop for the big Stars Too closing sale (our last day open is Sunday, August 27)! Now everything is 50% OFF or more AND there are tables outside with scores marked down to $1, $5, and $10! Plus, Brent will be at the shop to wheel and deal every Friday during the month of August! Come make an offer he just can’t refuse and get some even bigger scores at Stars Too (7011 SE Milwaukie). All our shops are open 11AM to 6PM daily.

P.S. We have air conditioning!

Here are just some of the goodies around Stars Too…


Vintage Garden Love

Like the rest of Portland, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for some SUNSHINE! Our fingers are crossed that we will really have that long sunny streak that should start today or tomorrow. If you are a gardener or love a vintage-loving gardener, or if you just love to lounge in your yard — it’s a good time to wander around all three of our wonderful Stars Antiques shops here in Portland’s West Moreland neighborhood! Come find goodies for lounging and working in the garden. Like we all know, they don’t make ’em like they used to!

You can make your outdoor space unique, fun, charming, beautiful, and full of character with vintage! Look for amazing patio furniture, gardening books, potting benches, bushel baskets, old seed boxes, pails, apple crates, trugs, watering cans, cute glassware sets for relaxing sit and sips, statuary, flower pots, planters, plant stands, sprinklers, and other vintage scores.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie • Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie
Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie (MAP)

A great outdoor loveseat at Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

… and its matching chair! At Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

A fantastic potting bench from dealer #4 at Stars Antiques @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Stacks of inspiring books – this one is at Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

Another fun book at Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

Such a cute concrete garden mushroom and a utensil carrier at Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

A beautiful wooden carrier could be a garden trug or hold condiments. Stars Dealer #46 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

A vintage tool carrier makes a great utensil and condiment carrier for outdoor dining! Or fill with garden flowers to carry inside, or use for your art supplies. Dealer #32 at Stars @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

A sweet little handmade carrier to make a lovely patio flower arrangement. At Stars Too @ 7011 SE Milwaukie

Gorgeous old apple bushel baskets are good for inside and outside. Stars Dealer #32 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Another beautiful apple bushel basket from Stars dealer #11 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

We love this pretty vintage seed box and the lovely old seed packets. Stars dealer #61 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

This watering can is a real beauty from Stars dealer #35 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

What more do you need? A great watering can, a galvanized tub, and a concrete duck. Stars #127 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Another wonderful watering can and a great galvanized bucket with strainer. Stars Dealer #54 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

These galvanized tubs are perfect filled with ice,cans & bottles or to cool off in. Stars Dealer #54 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

We’d love to fill this bucket with lilacs now and then roses and dahlias this summer. Stars dealer #127 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

A pretty painted steel flower bucket from Stars dealer #90 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Another painted flower bucket and a lovely little side table or plant stand. Stars dealer #24 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Very charming painted plant stands from Stars dealer #64 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

A cute little red sprinkler from Stars dealer #4 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Does your yard need a sprinkler frog? It probably does! From Stars @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

A fantastic vintage hose hanger and a galvanized window planter from Stars dealer #16 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

We love this green metal patio chair as is or professionally powder coated! Stars dealer #127 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Such a cute turquoise patio set from Stars dealer #42 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Oui! Cute patio chairs that look like champagne cork cages. Stars Dealer #32 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Vintage barkcloth and gorgeous rattan patio chairs? Yes, please. Stars Dealer #91 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Sip from rose glasses, while looking at garden roses, in the Rose City! Stars Dealer #20 @ 7027 SE Milwaukie

Home Sweet Home

What makes us hunt and gather as we prepare to nest in our homes? It’s an extension of our dreams and passions as we create our personal environment. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too offer the best selection of everything you can imagine! There’s nothing better than self-expression and an eclectic mix of found items that portray every aspect of what makes you tick.


Look back at your heritage and the details of family heirlooms that have influenced your taste in interiors.


Victorian hardware embellished with floral patterns, the asymmetry of delicate curves that balance out the top of an oak secretary, and the hard edged details and finials in old cast iron beds all have strong design elements that are rare and unique.




Even a bottle opener placed over a chipped and crackled pantry holds significance.


Mexican art and metal frames illustrate ornamentation at it’s finest.


The function of wooden and wicker bowls and storage baskets add texture and pattern as they nest tabletop.



Soft faded florals cover curtains, textiles, sheets, and duvet covers and bring a romantic feel to all rooms.


Nature comes inside with forced branches of buds, nests, and moss covered branches creating still lives for the wall along with wonderful shadows as the sunlight passes through the room.



Bold color comes in the form of collectible Hawaiian print mugs as well as a hand painted wall piece by a local artist.



Cooking in the kitchen is a favorite pastime and social activity as we invite friends and family to share in conversation and the breaking of bread.



Ultimately, home is where we are at our best. Join us everyday of the week from 11:00-6:00pm and begin the never-ending task of making your house a home. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.


Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Shop Til You Drop



It’s always time to shop and the stores are filled with an amazing array of finds for everyone. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have long been the favorites of many and as we slowly move through the last days of winter, the offerings of eclectic and unique treasures are at an all time high.





The mix of items spans from A to Z! Every turn of an aisle presents fun pieces that you never realized you needed. We have vintage children’s books, colorful tin and metal signage from days of old, and classic reads for teens and adults!




Details and function combine in the brilliance of vintage aesthetics. Elements of the sea, favorite recipes, garden chairs, industrial fans, and vintage trunks that double as a table/storage area are all waiting for your home.






Take a chance at something new. How you display your collections will become an endearing part of your home to you and those who come to visit.



Come through the doors without expectation and leave with a new treasure in your arms and a smile on your face! The comforts of home only get better when you surround yourself with things you truly love. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.


Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

A Happy New Year from Stars

Celebrate the New Year with festivities and shopping. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too help get the party started with shiny orbs in an array of colors!



Reflecting back it’s been a year to remember with highs and lows, clarity and confusion. Life has a way of filling our lives with daily surprises.


Looking to the future offers strength, hope, and purpose as we plan for yet another new year.


The sun and moon will continue their cycle in our simple but complex world.


Time passes and light and shadows dance about. Take time to appreciate these subtle changes and displays of beauty.


Happiness lives within all of us – take the time to see yourself and all that you have to offer those around you.


New ideas formulate as challenges present themselves. It’s a good time to stray from the ordinary and comfortable and try something new and unfamiliar.


Sing a happy tune to put a bounce in your step.


Notice the special moments that can sometimes go unnoticed.


Appreciate the beauty of nature that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Capture the colors of a sunset and the stillness of snow.



Friendships enrich daily experiences and fill our hearts with joy.


Treat yourself like royalty.


A new day is dawning.


And three, two, one, ring in the New Year with the celebratory first kiss and begin a new calendar year filled with love.


We’ll be open New Years Day from 11:00-6:00. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Stars Antiques PDX: Holiday Greetings


Happy December! Shimmering, shining, and magical are the best ways to describe all three stores as we enter the holidays! Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too invite you to step into a winter wonderland and celebrate the season of giving.


Glitter houses and sheet music create a quaint town.



Nature comes inside with vignettes of birds, branches, and bouquets.


Mr and Mrs Claus welcome shoppers as we open our doors daily at 11:00.




Brilliant shades of reds and greens brighten dish towels, tiny houses, table linens, and cozy wool blankets.





The favorite tales of jolly old St Nick come to life with Santa and his reindeer in various designs and accessories.




Find your favorite figures in vintage blow molds and decorate your front lawn, hang handmade stockings on the mantel, and trim the tree with tinsel, garlands, and ornaments of every color.


Gather with friends and family. Break bread and share laughter. It’s a wonderful life. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Swiftly Move the Seasons


The countdown of shopping days for the Holiday season starts now. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too are bringing in unique, eclectic, and traditional pieces to get the parties started!






Larger platters, pumpkins glazed in gold, branches with berries, and the beloved Tom Turkey are making appearances on every aisle. Looking for new ideas for centerpieces, vintage plate sets for the extra guests at the table, additional chairs and benches to place throughout your home? Look no further!




Stock up on basics including extra glassware and candles. Decorative vintage tins save on boxes and wrapping papers as you give smaller gifts and baked goods. Repurposed furnishings, shelving and wall mounts come into play as we invest in creativity and unique looks for our home.



Thanksgiving and Black Friday are marked on the calendar and we’ve no shortage on holiday decor at great prices. Hunt and gather to create your personal style for the season as you shop with us.




For those who love tone on tone, dustings of glitter, and a cottage chic feel; several vendors have filled their spaces with vignettes to inspire, delight, and create a magical mood!





Grab your stockings, vintage, handmade, and recycled materials offer plenty of choices. Here’s to a jolly HoHoHo for a holiday filled with merriment and giving, compassion and gratitude, and a true celebration for every individual and their loved ones.


Our doors are open daily from 11:00AM to 6:00PM and the early birds always get the best selection! If you see something you love, buy it for it may not be there 10 minutes later.


You’re sure to get a few new ideas on decorating, tree trimming, and joining in the true spirit of the season as we close out yet another amazing year! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Jewel of Our Eye

As we enter November our thoughts transition to gift giving for all the upcoming holidays. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too have a vast array of gemstones and jewels perfect for those we love.


Grab a notepad and pencil and begin with a list of names that warrant such care and consideration. Shopping for pieces so personal takes time, thought, and sometimes a bit of imagination.


When thinking of the recipient, consider their style, wardrobe, and personality. Our stores offer vintage novelty brooches and pins that go beyond the hat or lapel.



Silver, platinum, and gold team up with rich gemstones in larger dramatic pieces as well as the classic birthstones in light, delicate designs.


Even the youth of today have a unique sense of who they are. A gift that compliments their personal expression and uniqueness is a great gift indeed.



Multiple bracelets and cuffs worn together (or alone) are fun, inventive, and allow a myriad of combinations based on mood or style of dress. Vintage rhinestone pins, brooches, and pendants cover all variety of designs. Even the glittery animals will all find their rightful homes this holiday.


Thinking about the man who has everything??



Symbols and designs are hand carved into bone and ivory and suspended from hand knotted cord; sharing the story and beliefs from other cultures. Great hand tooled leather belts carry a richness of history with bold turquoise and coral teamed with sterling silver. Check your list as either of these may be perfect for those connected to the sky, earth, and water.



Thinking outside the box, original designs in assemblage and beadwork may be used throughout the home, den, and man cave and don’t necessarily need to be worn as long as they are seen and appreciated.


Multiple strands of beads and pearls in reds, greens, and pearlescent whites create drama simply in display. Wear thickly at the neck or interweave within a french braid or chignon as gatherings and parties fill the calendar.


For the hustle bustle of those who crave the spirit of the season, nothing compares to another vintage collectible holiday pin. Affordable, colorful, and endless design choices make this a favorite for all ages! Use on a satin ribbon in place of a bow as you wrap gifts or pin inside a holiday greeting card!


For the gal who loves jewelry and has a clear sense of herself there are a number of one-of-a kind pieces and you’re sure to find a wonderful piece while shopping throughout our stores.



Decision making may be the most difficult task at hand. Sterling silver embellishments to be worn at the neck, ears, wrist, or in the hair make a statement all their own and team well with the proverbial little black dress.


For those who love nature; spirals on abalone, mother of pearl, cut shells, apple coral, and sterling silver sea life capture the passion of the outdoors and the ocean. However long your list may be, shopping will be less complicated and stressful and guaranteed fun as you enter through our doors! SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.

Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!

Seasonal Beauty


Let the rains begin and the winds blow the dancing leaves. Our doors are open and the heat is on. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too are the perfect getaway for a blustery day. Join us as we move closer to the start of the holiday season and explore the new selections our dealers have gathered. Great textures, weathered patinas, vintage scores, and unique details are just a few of the offerings.





Vintage advertising across a cluster of colored tins, edging details on platters, and a array of silhouettes in silver-plate will inspire a new centerpiece or display as we plan gatherings.




In the evenings, take time to plan out fresh ideas in meals and menus. As temperatures drop the soup pot and slow cooker take center stage in the kitchen; filling the home with aromas of fresh garlic, onions, herbs, and a medley of vegetables fresh from the market.




Hand and heart merge and extend to serving others, providing comfort and calm. We bring bits of Nature inside as a reminder of the remnants of a well tended garden, a measure of our love for the outdoors. Whether we choose textiles in classic design exploring flora and fauna or actual cuttings, the attention to detail prevails.






Refresh your spirit with walks alongside the river and immerse yourself in the brilliant colors, the brisk fresh air, and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


Celebrate the changing seasons and surround yourself with beauty, simple treasures, and objects of art that make you smile. We’re open everyday from 11am-6pm and offer an ever-changing selection of vintage, repurposed, and collectible items for your home and workplace. SHOP SMART. SHOP STARS.


Stars Antiques: 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 239-0346

Stars & Splendid: 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (503) 235-5990

Stars Too: 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR Ph: (971) 373-8067

You can also find us on Stars on Facebook and @StarsPDX on Instagram!