Mitzi’s Halloween Decor Galore!

She is at it again–that Mitzi Lee Jones really knows how to find wonderful, festive decorations for the holidays. We always love how she puts her space together just in time to help everyone have even more Halloween fun. Stop by her space (#79 at Stars) for some inspiration and great things for your own spooky home decor. Read more about Mitzi HERE and visit her spaces at Stars!

A Splendid Halloween

Here are some photos of our fun Halloween display at Splendid. We love decorating these ghoulish scenes for you at Stars Antiques! Come down for some inspiration and spooky things to decorate your home. AND don’t forget to eat some candy corn from our candy machine!

Stars Customer Collections: Bren

Today we’re visiting with Stars Antiques customer, Bren. She and her family have an extensive vintage and collectible toys collection! Her Gumby collection is fantastic! Make sure to check out Bren’s Lost & Found Vintage Toys blog!

How did you get into vintage?
I guess I am vintage–LOL! Also, I grew up in a household with my great-grandmother—a real privilege. I developed an appreciation of things from another time that way.

A few things you particularly love to collect?
I love the toys of my own childhood—the 60s. My main collection is of Art Clokey’s clay animated character, Gumby, but I also like children’s books, toys and halloween items from the Victorian era onward.

What is your dream vintage score?
I would love a Green Ghost game.

Is there a vintage score that got away?
I’m from the L.A. area and once we walked the entire toy and collectible show at Veteran’s Stadium in Long Beach only to accidentally set down a bag full of Gumby items and leave them somewhere! I hope whoever found them enjoys them! Haha!

Are there other collectors in your household?
My husband collects vintage space toys and robots. My son collects trading cards of his era (Pokemon, etc).

Any vintage shopping tips?
Bundle! When at estate or yard sales, you will get more for your money than if you walk up with a single item.

What are some of your favorites place to eat, visit or shop in Portland?
Cosmic Monkey Comics, Annie’s Donuts in the Parkrose district and Things from Another World.

What is your perfect summer day?
My perfect summer day would be spent browsing a nice air-conditioned collectible shop!

Thanks, Bren!


Fun with Debbie & Ron!

Debbie and Ron always have a lot of fun things that make you smile in their space. They have a nice big space at and are dealer #42 at Splendid. We recently found amazing maps, trucks, novelty toys, toy cars, badges, souvenirs, art, books and so much more cool loot. Makes sure to swing by soon!

Barbara’s Beautiful Bling!

Barbara is the amazing dealer at Splendid that’s space literally lights up because of all the dazzling jewelry in her cases. It’s mesmerizing and fun to peer through the glass to slowly scan all of her treasures. She has a knack for finding truly special pieces. Barbara also carries other fun collectible, like toys, cocktail paraphernalia, games, trucks, display items and a lot of fascinating pieces of history! She has the glorious case marked for dealer #104 at Splendid.

Mike’s Box of Vintage Toys!

Mr. Magoo! Pan Am! Here are some great vintage toys and ephemera we found in Mike Grail’s wonderful case–he is dealer #88 at the Splendid shop. You’ll be blasted to the past and this his space is perfect for toy collectors!

Jean’s Joy!

Jean has the beautiful, big glass case up at the front at Stars. Her space is always full to the brim with a variety of treasure from many eras: jewelry, pottery, porcelain dresser dolls, vintage cosmetic cases, elegant chocolate moulds, teacups, perfume bottles, sweet vintage toys and hundreds of other goodies. Visit her case–she is dealer #67 at Stars!

You’re a Lunatique!

Take a trip to the Lunatique! KT, Mark & J have a colorful case close to the counter at the Stars shop. You will find vintage ceramics, fun dishware, fantastic modern barware, cool linens and much more. Find case #51 at Stars–it will make you smile!

Lookin’ Good!

Not to toot our own horn, but we think we’re looking pretty good! These old yogurt and “frozen dessert” boxes are so bright and cheerful stacked up together. It looks like sunshine at Splendid! Of course our name in lights doesn’t hurt either, right?



The BIG Stars Antiques Easter Egg Hunt!

Get ready for The 3rd Annual Famous Stars Antiques Easter Egg Hunt!! On Easter Sunday, April 8th, adults and kids alike come to search for the colorful plastic Easter eggs that always produce a prize. Yes, there will be tons of candy. Yes, there will be amazing vintage treasure. And YES–there will be 200 Easter eggs hidden throughout our shops (100 in each store!) and each will be filled with a prize for the lucky hunter. Come join the fun! Doors open at 11am.

Brent, Darwin and The Bunny are working hard to get the shops ready!

Stars Antiques (of course) Tilde Collage Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters Camp Hollyhock Wallace Books Cravin Raven Bakery Starbucks Coffee Staccato Gelato

Of course, we’re offering up some BIG prizes from Stars Antiques hidden in those eggs this year! You’ve got a chance at one of these 18 prizes:

★ 2 $100 Stars Gift Certificates
★ 2 $50 Stars Gift Certificates
★ 4 $25 Stars Gift Certificates
★ 10 $10 Stars Gift Certificates

As you might imagine, Stars customers have very good manners–even while they are in a frenzy hunting Easter eggs. Still, we think it is good to establish some important hunting rules:

Follow the rules and a hunting we will go!


We’ve been able to contract with The Easter Bunny again this year to be back for our Easter Egg Hunt. Once again–as per his (her?? we still can’t tell!) contract–“The Bunny” will be giving out HUNTING HINTS for egg locations on Facebook and Twitter each day leading up to Easter next week. GOOD LUCK!

Will the real Easter Bunny please stand up?

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