Gayle’s View: Stars Antiques 18th Annual Sidewalk Sale

Scenes from our 18th Stars Sidewalk Sale…..

If you have come to our Stars Malls lately, maybe you have noticed that we are making a real attempt to draw your attention to our stores on the outside. I wrote a while back about our new planters in front of the Stars & Splendid store. Brent decided that balloons were a festive touch, and he ordered a supply of balloons and helium. These are blown up nearly every day and fastened to our A-boards on the sidewalk. (It is scary to blow them up–they are large and sometimes pop in your face) I have to admit they do look good. If you are here at 6:00pm (or 5:00 pm on Sundays), we will give you the balloons (We can’t bring them in overnight as their motion sets off our alarm system.)

Terri Wright, one of our dealers, called us to say she had seen some great moving carts at the Goodwill and that we might want them for the stores. We got them and Darwin spiffed them up and refinished the wooden bases. Now each store does a display on one and rolls it in front of the entrance each morning. The employees are very competitive between stores and occasionally we give a “prize” for an outstanding display.

Our sidewalks during the sale looked as if we were giving a party–vendors were outside with their sale signs posted, and were “wheeling and dealing” their wares. The balloons were flying in the wind,and displays were out along with the wheelbarrows that we planted with flowers a few weeks ago. We plan to replant them in October with hardier stock.

The sale went well–lots of eager customers attended and purchased, happy with the discounts…. and the weather cooperated beautifully.

May I sign off telling you that my sale purchase was a small cream-colored table with a glass-covered inset on the top filled with shells–price after discount $30. Can you guess where it is going to go? (see my September 2 blog)……

Stars Antiques

Gayle’s View: Summer Reflections

End of summer reflections…

“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.”—Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1906-2001

For many years now, I have taken time the last two weeks in August to unwind, relax, ruminate, and ready myself to face the seasons ahead. Autumn always seems like a beginning to me–even more than New Year’s Day, and probably goes back to school starting in September. And for many years, I have spent this time at the Oregon coast at our condo in the little village of Neskowin.

One of my ongoing issues (and all of you I’m sure have this issue also) is that there is never enough time to accomplish all the things I need to do and want to do. Anne Morrow Lindbergh knew this and wrote about it in her beautiful and sensitive book, Gift from the Sea. We all are faced with making choices and prioritizing.

I resolve to set aside a time for myself every day to just be me. I resolve to be grateful that I have a busy, active life. I resolve to take each day–even each moment as it comes….to problem solve instead of worrying. My aim is to come away from this time rested and centered. Mind you, nothing has changed in my life, but hopefully my attitude is improved.

Enough about philosophizing….

I want to share some of our condo decor collection with you. Our condo has a beach, ocean, nautical,seashell theme. I have purchased many objects from Stars–I have kept the color palette mainly to neutrals–beige, caramel, tan, dark brown, creamy white, ecru. I mix textures–homespun materials, crocheted afghans, nubby linens, and most of the off white furniture (from Stars of course) has chippy or alligatored surfaces. Putting together this look has been a “labour of love”, and accomplished on a reasonable budget. The shell-encrusted items have been inexpensive–most under $20. I find that shopping carefully for old or gently used items rather than new makes my dollars go further.

Actually the things I treasure the most are the found shells and rocks we have all found while beachcombing over these past 20 years. I have shelves with heart shaped rocks, agates, whole sand dollars, broken shells a small grandson gave me proudly, glass floats picked up after the storms, and polished bits of driftwood. I also have a treasure trove of lovely memories to call up to my mind whenever I want.

And I sign off ready to face the real world…..

Stars Antiques

A Word from Brent: Collecting Good Friends

Today from Stars Antiques–it’s Brent’s View!

Gayle is enjoying the Oregon coast this week so I am the substitute blogger of the moment.

My view finder is focused on collecting and the joy of starting up a new one. I love the hunt and when it comes to starting up a new collection nothing pleases me more than finding a whole trove of treasures that can be my new collection. The better the price the more of a collection I can have. I really want instant gratification when I buy, so I need to have at least three to five items in hand for my new collection.

I live with my collections, so I want them to be visually pleasing and easy to use in my home decor. Groups of similar items are one of the easiest decorating ideas around. For me it’s the motto, “more is always better” (Gayle would have a more clever quote but I am just not as smart as she is)

Years ago I started collecting white matte finish pottery when it was so dirt cheap you could have quite a collection in no time. I didn’t care if it had a chip or crack in it. Just turn it to the back. I just wanted to amass a large visual display of this lovely pottery. And I did. Hundreds of pieces. But now if I add to this collection it has to be something quite amazing or the price is too good to pass up.

I rotate my collections. I just couldn’t live with them all at the same time. I know there are people that do that and more power to them but I would go “crazy”.

The white pottery collection has been in the storage space for a while and it was time to bring it out. And you know, I fell in love with it all over again. Just like old friends, each piece of pottery spoke to me as I put it on the shelves. They reminded me of where I had purchased them and how long they had been with me. Yes, I still have that piece with the big chip on the rim and the one that has the crack down the back. I wouldn’t think of giving them up, good friends are hard to find.

–Brent, the collecting fool
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