Celebrating Rio

The 2016 Olympics have brought us together once again as we gather to watch the competitions and behind the scenes stories at home or at our favorite watering hole. Pride reigns supreme as we view so many athletes worldwide with humble beginnings. As the weeks pass we prepare for the closing ceremonies and
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Strike up the band as we plan evening festivities with friends and family. Unique and individual but united by one common thread, this is what makes up the spirit of these competitors. The world will be watching with anticipation!




What are the odds of winning everyone over? The personal hurdles are what hold our interest as we watch. Would you place a bet on your endurance and determination to train as these athletes do?



While many of us will support the ‘Home’ team, it’s easy to be moved by an individual’s story from another country. Watching nightly with our best friend we’ve learned about the bonds that have been formed through trials and tribulations.






A hearty appetite wins us over as we watch the rigorous training that occurs before ever arriving at the competition. Be sure to have plenty of fluids and mix up a great casserole to sustain you through the evening’s activities.



The American flag waves in the distance along with all countries competing. Reporters will have a final look at awards won and records broken to document in the journals of time.





The golden sun sets on Rio as we observe the closing ceremonies on Sunday, August 21. We salute all those who took part in the Rio Olympics. To the dedication, competitive spirit, and discipline of all the athletes who participated; we thank you for inspiring us!


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