Memorial Day Campout

The end of May is in sight, school is finishing up and summer is on the horizon. Memorial Day is Monday, May 25, and marks the beginning of camping at the many National Parks across the country or even in your own backyard. Stars, Stars & Splendid, and Stars Too are bringing out the gear for the perfect trip to the wooded forest!


Be prepared! The training from our youth as we earned our proudly displayed badges still reflect the common sense needed for a successful journey.


Hunting for nature’s treasures, outdoor grilling and barbecue, and singing songs in the evening are a necessity.


Setting up camp, cooking basics, and open campfires will create the comforts of “home away from home” and bring everyone together in activities.


Grab your beverage of choice and plenty of cups.



Grind up coffee and place in a colorful airtight tin for the best cup-o-joe. A handy double thermos carrier allows for fresh coffee as you drive to your destination.



Stop by a local farmer’s market on your way out of town for the best selection and pack plenty of stacking bowls for the outdoors. Fresh fruit is in abundance!



Don’t forget the picnic basket filled with snacks and lunch for the day of the hike.


A good hat with a large brim is essential for sun protection and also allows a good lakeside snooze when it looks like you’re fishing!



Pack your easy-care wardrobe in a bold patterned woven basket. Then you are ready to pack the camping gear!


Pull out the coolers, thermos, and lantern from storage. Classic vintage colors and plaid patterns never grow old to the nature lover. Built to stand up over time, many of these designs have been handed down through the generations.




Folding lawn chairs and stools are perfect for packing convenience and shed the moisture of rain and morning dew!



It’s ideal to arrive in time to set up camp during the daylight. Enjoy a day of fresh mountain air, cool streams, and hikes to wildflower fields. Kick back by a fire as dusk settles in and listen to the sounds of the wilderness. If you’re in a large group pack some games to play and the campfire songbook for reminiscing the good old days before technology advanced to iPads and smart phones.





Wake up early with the sun breaking through the trees, grab the frying pans, oil, and get ready for bacon sizzling and eggs frying on a cast iron grill. Brew up the best cup of coffee over an open flame in an old percolater!!



Remember to let the gear air out once home, pre-pack the supplies you traveled with for the remainder of camping season!


Blaze a trail to the Stars stores any day of the week for the start of your camping day collections. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone, let the outdoor adventures begin!

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