Stars Customer Collections: Bren

Today we’re visiting with Stars Antiques customer, Bren. She and her family have an extensive vintage and collectible toys collection! Her Gumby collection is fantastic! Make sure to check out Bren’s Lost & Found Vintage Toys blog!

How did you get into vintage?
I guess I am vintage–LOL! Also, I grew up in a household with my great-grandmother—a real privilege. I developed an appreciation of things from another time that way.

A few things you particularly love to collect?
I love the toys of my own childhood—the 60s. My main collection is of Art Clokey’s clay animated character, Gumby, but I also like children’s books, toys and halloween items from the Victorian era onward.

What is your dream vintage score?
I would love a Green Ghost game.

Is there a vintage score that got away?
I’m from the L.A. area and once we walked the entire toy and collectible show at Veteran’s Stadium in Long Beach only to accidentally set down a bag full of Gumby items and leave them somewhere! I hope whoever found them enjoys them! Haha!

Are there other collectors in your household?
My husband collects vintage space toys and robots. My son collects trading cards of his era (Pokemon, etc).

Any vintage shopping tips?
Bundle! When at estate or yard sales, you will get more for your money than if you walk up with a single item.

What are some of your favorites place to eat, visit or shop in Portland?
Cosmic Monkey Comics, Annie’s Donuts in the Parkrose district and Things from Another World.

What is your perfect summer day?
My perfect summer day would be spent browsing a nice air-conditioned collectible shop!

Thanks, Bren!


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